Governor Wolf’s First Month: Not Like He Didn’t Tell You

With today’s announcement of a moratorium on the death penalty in Pennsylvania, newly elected Governor Tom Wolf has made good on his campaign promises in many ways that make liberals happy.Governor-Wolf2-300x221

Also in his first month, he has:

  • Expanded Obamacare by adding the medicare provisions, allowing millions of Pennsylvanians to get health care who could not afford to do so before
  • Banned all gifts to the Executive branch and demanded that the legislature do the same
  • Made a clear non-discriminatory policy for his administration (including appointing a transgender woman as our Physician General)
  • Signed a moratorium on drilling in state parks and lands
  • Advocated making medical marijuana legal in the state

This is indeed what we elected him for.  It’s not like these are surprise actions;  he campaigned as a Democrat and was elected, and is doing exactly what he said he would.

Maybe if Democrats in other states had acted like Democrats, they might have won their races, too.

Now it’s been announced that the 2016 Democratic Presidential convention will be held in Philadelphia.  This will be a good time for Wolf to bring himself to a national presence.

Let’s hope he doesn’t let us down by then.  So far, I am very impressed.