I am Pro-Happy

I support people being happy.

I am against the shaming of people who are not just like me, and I will always fight against people who try to force everyone to be just like them and live by their own personal or religious rules.

So it bugs me when I see people criticizing Caitlyn Jenner. She’s happy, she wanted to do this — what business is it of yours?

Some people want to be happy in ways I cannot imagine — piercing every part of their body, engaging in sexual acts I find disgusting, enjoying entertainment I can’t stand — but so what? So long as they aren’t forcing everyone else to be just like them, why should I care? Why should I be against people being happy?

This is one of the strongest reasons I talk about marriage equality a lot. I like having people be happy when it does not hurt anyone else. I want to encourage more of it. Happy is good.