Hero of the Day

Here’s Texas Governor Rick Perry, heroically defending our border against unarmed children.


He’s so macho, squinting into the sun — too bad he doesn’t have one of those baseball hats that has a rim to keep the sun off his face.  He patrolled the border like that for at least ten or fifteen minutes — until the photographer had enough good shots — so you know we won’t be bothered by any refugee kids coming over here, taking our jobs and voting for Democrats all willy-nilly like the election was a pinata.  Or something.

Perry knows that we have to stop these kids from coming here because (1) they’re illegals (duh);  (2) we can’t just care for every single child that is unwanted (embryos excepted);  and (3) Uh.  Let’s see.  Hm.  I can’t remember the third thing.