How the GOP can steal democracy under the Constitution

The 20th century was the time of Democracy as more and more countries threw off kings, dictators and tyrants to embrace elections and democracy.

The 21st century, so far, appears to be a retreat based on the fascist and dictatorship leanings of Russia, Italy, Turkey, and other countries (and now the US)… and the sad thing is, just like Hitler in Germany, this is being accomplished through democracy — with the end result being the death of democracy.

The GOP has made it clear that if they don’t like the results of democracy, they have every intention of ignoring and overturning the results, either through violence or other means. I’m not kidding when I say that there are Republican politicians out there who want their states to certify the Republican as winning the election even when they lose.

How can they do this?

Well, when it comes to the President at least, the Constitution says that the states are responsible for appointing the electors to choose the President. That’s one of the provisions of the Electoral College which has given us two Presidents in recent history who lost the popular vote. The Constitution does not say how these electors are chosen. Technically, the party in power in that state could choose the biggest donors to be electors if they wanted to.

And that’s what some Republicans plan to do. It’s why this upcoming election is so important and why you should vote for Democrats. It may be your last chance to vote, after all.

But wait, you scream. The Supreme Court won’t allow that. “Seriously?” I reply. “Have you seen this Court?” Have you noticed that a majority of the members of that court were appointed by those same Presidents who lost the popular vote? If you think for a minute that these people are big supporters of democracy, you may want to, you know, read some of their decisions concerning, for instance, the Voting Rights Act.

We are on a threshold here in America, where our brave experiment is nearing an end. But an overwhelming turnout of Americans — who do not support these fascists — can make a difference.

And if we don’t turn out and they win instead then I guess we get what we deserve.