Saudi Arabia’s daily beheadings

Saudia Arabia has been beheading people lately at a rate of one a day, and then displaying the bodies in public for everyone to see.

The beheadings have included such terrible crimes as “sorcery.”

Some of the beheadings are a way for the government to show strength, to discourage those who wish to bring democracy and reform to this country.

Why isn’t there mention of this in the US Press?  Shouldn’t we be outraged by this?

Oh, right, they’re our allies.  Because oil. Saudi

Well, surely Fox News will say something, because if for no other reason, it will make Obama look weak for not — what’s that?  Fox News is partially owned by one of the Saudi Princes?

Well, that must be pure coincidence.  Why would Fox News, a network owned by a Saudi Prince and an Australian, want to constantly attack America and our President, and make us look bad in the eyes of the world, thus diminishing our influence?

Wait a minute…