Willfully stupid idiots still believe Obama is a Muslim

You can be ignorant. That’s not an insult. There’s nothing wrong with being ignorant. I, for instance, am ignorant of quantum mechanics, brain surgery, and fashion. Everybody’s ignorant about something, but ignorance can be cured by education.

You can also be stupid. While that is used as an insult, the fact is that some people, through no fault of their own, were not gifted with brains that work as well as they should.worst muslim

But then you can also be willfully stupid. These are the people who deserve the insults they get.

The willfully stupid can be presented with proof, facts, and evidence and will refuse to accept it because they like being stupid. They won’t change their minds, and they want to hold on to their pre-conceived beliefs, prejudices, and views. They will continue to believe in ghosts, creationism, Bigfoot, astrology, moon landing conspiracies, and the magic of crystals in spite of the lack of evidence to support any of these things, and the mountain of evidence to counter them. And this is especially true of the politically willfully stupid.

Apparently my post from a few days ago where I decried the Republican party for turning into the stupid party has been supported by a new study showing that a majority of them still believe that Obama is a Muslim.

That’s right — the man who was abandoned by his black Muslim father and raised by his white atheist mother somehow decided to convert to being a Muslim while attending Christian churches and fooling everyone by not following a single one of the beliefs that Muslims hold dear.  Clever, he is!

It’s no wonder this party is supporting candidates who appeal to stupidity while ignoring all facts that counter their already-held beliefs.