Willfully stupid idiots still believe Obama is a Muslim

You can be ignorant. That’s not an insult. There’s nothing wrong with being ignorant. I, for instance, am ignorant of quantum mechanics, brain surgery, and fashion. Everybody’s ignorant about something, but ignorance can be cured by education.

You can also be stupid. While that is used as an insult, the fact is that some people, through no fault of their own, were not gifted with brains that work as well as they should.worst muslim

But then you can also be willfully stupid. These are the people who deserve the insults they get.

The willfully stupid can be presented with proof, facts, and evidence and will refuse to accept it because they like being stupid. They won’t change their minds, and they want to hold on to their pre-conceived beliefs, prejudices, and views. They will continue to believe in ghosts, creationism, Bigfoot, astrology, moon landing conspiracies, and the magic of crystals in spite of the lack of evidence to support any of these things, and the mountain of evidence to counter them. And this is especially true of the politically willfully stupid.

Apparently my post from a few days ago where I decried the Republican party for turning into the stupid party has been supported by a new study showing that a majority of them still believe that Obama is a Muslim.

That’s right — the man who was abandoned by his black Muslim father and raised by his white atheist mother somehow decided to convert to being a Muslim while attending Christian churches and fooling everyone by not following a single one of the beliefs that Muslims hold dear.  Clever, he is!

It’s no wonder this party is supporting candidates who appeal to stupidity while ignoring all facts that counter their already-held beliefs.

10 thoughts on “Willfully stupid idiots still believe Obama is a Muslim

  1. And I gotta be honest — even if he was — so what? Unless you feel that it would be too much in this day and age to raise criticisms about him being black, but voters might be willing to overlook obvious religious discrimination in a campaign. Separation of church and state says it shouldn’t matter. Nothing in the list of qualifications for an individual to run for President specifies that they must be of a particular religion, or in fact any religion at all. Except then, of course, we get to the issue of people who are being wilfully stupid about what it says in the Constitution …

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    • Do you mean like the way Obama ignores our constitution, the one we have lived and died for? That constitution? The one Obama ignores to the denial of our rights as Americans? That constitution? The one Obama has written executive orders to change our rights as Americans? That constitution? hahahaha don’t make me laugh. The idea that Obama is the embodiment of what an American president should be is laughable. He hates America and Americans. Anytime he strikes a blow against our freedoms, he and Michael, I mean Michelle, have a good laugh at our expense. He is anti American, the antithesis of all a US president should be. He is a socialist, a tyrannical insane person. His blackness has nothing to do with anything unless you are talking about the blackness of his heart and soul.


      • And dont forget that Obama is a bold faced liar like his father the devil. Chip headed Obama, not fully human, only posing to be one. Maybe he can get citizenship in Saudi Arabia like Silvie the robot. Who is in your head Obama you Satanic, baby sacrificing, lying, deceptive piece of half human garbage. Im not racist, never have been so keep that card up your sleeve. I just hate tyrannical Marxists wno come in sheeps clothing, like, say, Hitler? Obama must know the New World Order hates colored people. They only use them. Wake up to your own living hell Obama. Its never too late for you to get out of it and do the right thing.


  2. You say what I think so well. When I try to say this I just end up spouting strong language about these truly insane stupid people. It took everything I could not to respond to some jamoke the other day who called me a “rich loser” who “hated the founding fathers” because I thought Obama was a decent President who actually accomplished some things like getting Bin Laden and health care for millions, and wasn’t a war criminal self described C student like Bush.

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  3. Ignorant, as I understand the term, is to willingly ignore, truths, facts, laws, etc. Stupidity, on the other hand, is not intentional, rather an inability to know. Quantum mechanics/physics, just regular physics,, hell, all maths are things I try to understand, but fail to comprehend, playing music, too eludes me, due to being numerically dyslexic.

    I can forgive stupidity, but I cannot forgive ignorance. If I have gotten this bass ackwards, please let me know.


  4. You might be able to ban Islam on the grounds that it is a pirate philosophy, not a religion.
    Islam [still] has clerics who proclaim that the Earth is flat, and they are listened to and broadcast on the Internet, all around Allah’s flat Earth.
    Seriously, a reasonable test of any immigrant or refugee is that they pledge that they are content and eager to live in America AS IT IS; that they will tolerate and be tolerated; that they have no duty or wish to slaughter the non-believer or other-believer; that they will never practice or tolerate polygamy or genital mutilation or “honor”-murder; that they respect and value Liberty. That’s a fair enough requirement. If someone can’t agree to these things, no one should ever let them in, regardless.
    A more acid test would be a requirement to walk on “holy” scriptures of every faith, or at least stand by while others do it. “Blasphemy” is nothing here.
    Anyone holding up a sign that says “F**K LIBERTY” has waived their citizenship in any civilized state, and SHOULD be summarily annihilated (quickly killed and then cremated with all personal effects, without any questioning or information preserved as to who they might have been). Because that is a crime more serious than any blasphemy, F**k God.


    • Well I suppose we will each receive our just reward at the end of our miserable lives, yourself included. If I were you, I would be careful about what I said about God. Just because your miserable opinion rejects God does not strike God off the books. You could be wrong. You could be very wrong. Your every word could very well be recorded somewhere in a cosmic book. What if you are wrong? What if you are wrong? Think about that. Your brazenly spoken words today could come back to haunt you the day after tomorrow..


  5. Obama isn’t anything but a Satanist. Satan is his god, little “g”. He is a blood swilling, flesh eating, baby killing, child molesting, died in the wool Satanist. Its a known fact that there are Satanic rituals being performed in the basement of the White House. They were there in the Bush years, the Clinton years, the Reagan years and so on and so forth. This is the Big Truth that presidents and cabinet members have tried to keep from us. They are all globalists, Satanists, murderers and very sick individuals. They plan on killing large numbers of people off, millions even billions in fact. They want their New World Order that every president for the past one hundred years has talked about. And they will have it at our expense. Humans beware. We are about to be overrun by subhuman demonic animals.


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