Capitalists when convenient

You can no longer buy a Tesla in New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie’s bureaucracy just passed a regulation that requires all automobile companies to use franchises to sell their cars.    Tesla_Roadster_Japanese_display

If you can think of any possible reason why such a regulation is needed, please let me know.

This only affects electric car manufacturer Tesla, now prohibited from selling its vehicles in New Jersey since they sell direct.   This regulation prohibits the citizens of New Jersey from being able to shop for a legal product they may want to purchase.  The only beneficiaries of this are the gas-burning automobile manufacturers.  Hey, speaking of them, did you know that they donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Christie re-election campaign?  Pure coincidence, I am sure.

Chris Christie and his Republican friends may talk about the “free market” but clearly that only applies to their  rich friends.  (I could make a similar argument about cable companies and other monopolies that are sanctioned by governments.)

Conservative and libertarian groups who are honest and true to their ideology are outraged (as are liberal groups, of course).   The New Jersey state legislature can still try to pass legislation to redact this (assuming they can get enough votes to override Christie’s veto).