Highlights from the 3rd Day of the Republican Convention

Get out the popcorn. This just keeps getting better. Let’s look at the third day of the GOP Hatefest. I swear, if I were writing a satire of the extremism of the party, it would be less ridiculous than this.

Republicans spent much of their time seriously debating Hillary Clinton, with the two options being “Should we jail her, or just kill her?” ingraham21n-1-web

Apologists for Melania Trump’s stolen speech continued to ignore the obvious theft, with one Brony even arguing with a straight face that since a character on My Little Pony has said similar things, then clearly there was nothing wrong with plagiarism.  But hey, you have to admit that Melania’s speech certainly made her sound like a First Lady — That First Lady being  Michelle Obama.

Trump, whose catch-phrase is “You’re fired,” did not fire Meredith McIver, the woman who wrote Melania’s speech. What is interesting though is that the writer works for Trump in his business, meaning that it is illegal for him to be paying her with his business’ money to to work for the campaign. But is anyone surprised at that? What makes this story even better is that some media outlets are claiming that Meredith McIver is not a real person but another alias Trump uses, like “John Miller.”

Ted Cruz got most of the attention last night when he spoke and refused to endorse Trump, telling people instead to “vote their conscience.” Who would have thought that the tons of insults Trump threw at Cruz during the primaries would cause Cruz to think that maybe this guy wasn’t fit to be President?

Apparently Ted, unlike Chris Christie, survived the primary season with his balls intact. Christie, meanwhile, is having a fit over the fact that he wasn’t picked for Vice President. (Insert Nelson laugh)

But my favorite part of the convention was when right-wing nutcase Laura Ingraham ended her speech with the nazi salute. Seriously, this actually happened.  “Have you seen my friend Kyle? He’s about this tall. We need to seek Kyle. Seek Kyle!  Seek Kyle!”


Christie dumbs himself down in order to win Stupid Party nomination

I may disagree with Chris Christie over politics, but he always seemed like a fairly smart guy.  I’ve even complimented him in the past.

Then he decided he wanted to be President.   

In order to be a Republican President, you have to win the Republican primaries.  chris-christieAnd in order to do that, you have to be a member of the Stupid Party.  Primary voters are always at the extreme end of the political spectrum (Democrats, too) — so in the Republican primaries, that means you need to appeal to the anti-science, anti-immigrant, anti-women’s rights, anti-gay rights Tea Party types.

Christie began by ignoring the fact that a majority of the people who elected him in New Jersey favor gay marriage, by coming out against it and even vetoing the bill to allow it in his state.

Now he’s siding with the anti-science crowd over vaccinations.  Vaccinations!  I still can’t believe this is even an issue.  “Medicine is the work of evil scientists who want to cure everyone!”  WTF is wrong with these people?

Admittedly, the anti-vaccination people also include many stupid liberals who believe in crystals and magic and other nonsense, but Christie is using this issue to side with the anti-government crowd.  He says he vaccinates his kids but he doesn’t like the fact that the government forces him to do so.  You know, the stupid position.

Some politicians like Bobby Jindal are frustrated by this, literally telling his fellow Republicans “We have to stop being the ‘Stupid Party.'”   But then even Jindal is toning up the stupidity in order to appeal to the base, by allowing creationism to be taught in the schools and otherwise appealing to the stupids.

And it really doesn’t help that Christie’s campaign committee is “Leadership Matters For America.Org” — or LMFAO.

Capitalists when convenient

You can no longer buy a Tesla in New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie’s bureaucracy just passed a regulation that requires all automobile companies to use franchises to sell their cars.    Tesla_Roadster_Japanese_display

If you can think of any possible reason why such a regulation is needed, please let me know.

This only affects electric car manufacturer Tesla, now prohibited from selling its vehicles in New Jersey since they sell direct.   This regulation prohibits the citizens of New Jersey from being able to shop for a legal product they may want to purchase.  The only beneficiaries of this are the gas-burning automobile manufacturers.  Hey, speaking of them, did you know that they donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Christie re-election campaign?  Pure coincidence, I am sure.

Chris Christie and his Republican friends may talk about the “free market” but clearly that only applies to their  rich friends.  (I could make a similar argument about cable companies and other monopolies that are sanctioned by governments.)

Conservative and libertarian groups who are honest and true to their ideology are outraged (as are liberal groups, of course).   The New Jersey state legislature can still try to pass legislation to redact this (assuming they can get enough votes to override Christie’s veto).

Editorial cartoon of the day: Christie Almighty

Editorial cartoon of the day: Passion of the Christie


The New Christie Minstrels

Chris Christie apologists are singing the praises of this guy, even going so far as to claim (on Fox News, of course) that this is just another one of those feminist plots to bring down guys who act like assholes — chris-christie because we all know that acting like an asshole is the natural state of men, and women who complain about it are just too touchy-feely and sensitive.

Apparently, this micro-manager who has his nose in everyone’s business in every other regard was supposedly completely unaware of what his closest personal staff was doing, even when he met with them while the whole Bridge blockage was happening.  Yeah, no one is buying that, and polls show that people just aren’t that gullible.

Is this the most serious scandal in the world?  Of course not.  But I am more interested in it because it shows what kind of person he is, and that is something we all need to know if he wants to run for higher office.

Hey, remember when the Romney campaign considered having Christie as the VP but ran as far as possible once they began the vetting process?  Yeah, that was funny!

Anyway, we all know that if you’re a powerful person (say, a governor) you have a staff of people you have chosen — and one thing a staff does is want to please the boss.  Do we really believe that his staff would do these things if they didn’t think he would approve?  Even if he didn’t directly give them the instruction to do this, clearly they were following his example and taking actions that would please him.

And if you believe otherwise, I have a bridge to sell you.

Just don’t try to cross it.

Editorial cartoon of the day: The campaign stops here

The buck stops over there

Governor Chris Christie has found who is responsible for the political closing of the George Washington Bridge, which stranded thousands of people and held up police and emergency vehicles:  It’s Anybody But Him.   

“Not it!” he said at the press conference today.  “Oh, sure, I hired all these people, some of whom were completely unqualified for their jobs. But you can’t hold me responsible for the things done by people who directly answered to me, can you?”chris-christie
I mean, what did people expect him to do?  Investigate it once it came to his attention?  Look into it in some way and punish those involved?  No, certainly, everyone clearly would rather that the media do the job, through sources and emails and phone calls and lots of investigations.  Why should a Governor have to, you know, walk down the hall and ask someone?

No, what people expect from the Governor is to laugh it off and sarcastically say, “Unbeknownst to anyone, I was working the cones” as if this was not a serious thing that placed people’s lives in danger.

Hey, you never know.  Maybe in  a few years, working the cones will be his next job.

New Jersey joins 21st Century

Governor Christie decided not to challenge the law, and now New Jersey joins the rest of the northeast in granting gays the same rights the rest of us have.

I hate to say “granting” rights or “giving” rights when really, all they are doing is acknowledging rights they should have had all along, but you get the point.

There’s only one state left in the northeast that remains firmly behind the times — my own state of Pennsylvania. You know, where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the Constitution was ratified. The Birthplace of Liberty and all that.

It’s not going to happen while our Tea Party governor remains in office. The good news is that he is the least popular governor in the United States at the moment, and the top Democrat challengers are all supporters of gay marriage. If we can sweep in enough Democrats in 2014, we could see a big change happen quickly. (If the election were held today, with the GOP’s poll numbers at an all-time low, we’d have a good chance, but anything can happen in a year.)

So congratulations, Jersey! You’ve elected Booker to the Senate. Now just get rid of Christie and some real progress can be made.

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