The word of “God”

Some wise guy started Facebook and Twitter pages under the name of “God” and has been dispensing wisdom and humor for a while now.  But this latest is the best.  god

“God” began a campaign to buy billboards in the hometown of Westboro Baptist Church (those bigots who hold up “God Hates Fags” signs) which says “God loves gays.”

It’s still going on, so more billboards may be raised.  You can donate here.

Why should the right always get to decide what God says, after all?  The thing that makes the tweets extra special is that they are that they are not mean-spirited or anti-religious at all.  You could easily imagine God saying these things.  (Well, except for the profanity.  Well, maybe the Old Testament God.)  After Robin Williams’ suicide, “God” spent a lot of time counseling people to get help for depression and otherwise has actually made some very caring posts.  Hm, maybe it is God after all.

So let’s share in some of “God’s” recent tweets both funny and insightful:

Life is fair because it’s unfair for everyone.

I had nothing to do with the cure for ebola.  You should thank the doctors and scientists for that.

Dear Humans:  This is your weekly reminder.  Stop killing each other!  Please and thank you – God

I challenge you all to the “don’t be a douche” challenge!  Do you accept?

If all religions advocate peace, then why aren’t their extremists extremely peaceful?

Dear Terrorists:  There are no virgins waiting for you in Heaven. None.  Take care – God

…and one I definitely agree with:

You don’t have to be religious to be a good person.

Editorial cartoon of the day

Westboro Baptist Church members arrested, 1st amendment be damned

Look, I hate the Westboro Baptist Church idiots as much as anyone. Why they think their religion teaches them to preach hatred is beyond me.

But when people are posting things like this, I have to (sadly) disagree:

So Westboro “Baptist Church” showed up here in Texas at the memorial service in West for the first responders who lost their lives in the explosion. The Chief of Police promptly had all 20 or so of them arrested and put into holding cells (all the men in one and all the women in another) When they told him he couldn’t do that, he let them know HE could. Since he hadn’t officially charged them, he could hold them for 24 hours before he had to charge them or let them go! (plenty of time to hold the memorial service). I guess Westboro didn’t think it through too well… This is Texas. As quickly as we fry people down here, did they really think they would be allowed to show that kind of disrespect?? Their photos were also released to the other small towns surrounding West, where services would be denied to them. Sometimes you just have to admire the way we do things down here in Texas!


Nothing to admire here folks, just move along.

We are abandoning what it means to be an American in our blind hatred of these idiots.

While it is perfectly legal to have restrictions which are not “content based” (such as “No public protests within 500 yards of a funeral” or “No protests or speeches allowed in courtrooms while a trial is in progress”) it appears that is not the case here. The people are being arrested (assuming the above is true — I haven’t found confirmation yet) for the content of their speech. It’s what they are saying which is being punished and censored. If they had all shown up with signs saying “We support our heroes” no one would have said a word.

And that’s the problem.

The 1st amendment is meaningless if it doesn’t protect speech we hate. Speech we all agree with doesn’t need protecting.

So while I hate these Westboro cretins, I love the Constitution more. And therefore, they have to be allowed to protest.