“Real” America

One of the biggest insults politicians give is when they say they represent “real” America. Usually they say this while standing in front of a farm somewhere while a video plays showing rural Americans shopping, going to church, and watching an eagle fly by in slow motion.

They then will claim that real America loves traditional marriage and unfettered access to guns, wants to protect the rights of the unborn, and hates government involvement in health care.

And that’s just plain insulting.

The majority of Americans live in cities and suburbs, not rural farmlands. The majority supports gay marriage, thinks limits on gun ownership is a good thing, agrees with abortion rights, and actually likes the provisions of medicare, medicaid and yes, Obamacare.

It’s bad enough to claim to represent the majority when you clearly do not. But to also claim that you are “real America” — that you’re true and everyone else therefore does not support our country — well, we should all be insulted by that, even those these politicians are trying to claim as their own.

I feel patriotic when I walk down a street in Manhattan and am surrounded by people of all races, backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientation living together in relative peace. That to me is more of what America means than any bucolic rural scene. But both are “real” America, and anyone who tries to claim that it doesn’t include all of us just doesn’t understand what it means to be an American.

3 thoughts on ““Real” America

  1. When I think of “real” America, I tend to think of the middle 80% of the population. Not the politicians and celebrities, nor the homeless people. That doesn’t mean they aren’t Americans, just that they aren’t what I think of as *typical* Americans (although the way our distribution of wealth is trending, the homeless people are a lot closer to being “typical” than I would like to think).

    As for how many of the “real” Americans want gay people to have all the rights and privileges of, well, people, or if “real” Americans support having their basic civil rights infringed … that’s why some rights should be beyond the power and authority of *anyone* to infringe. Speak or don’t speak, carry a firearm or don’t, practice a religion or don’t, get married to the consenting adult(s) of your choice or don’t — these are all individual choices, and *no* *one*, no matter *how* many people agree with them, should have the power or authority to take away these choices from anyone who hasn’t caused tangible harm to a nonconsenting other and been found guilty of doing so in a fair trial.


  2. I agree…and I live across the street from a bunch of cows. Really — suburban neighborhood on one side of the street, pastureland full of cows on the other. Welcome to the Midwest!


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