The stupidest argument against gay marriage

There are many stupid arguments against gay marriage. In fact, most of them are stupid, especially since there are no good arguments against it.

But the one that has to take the cake is the one that an actual lawyer argued last week before — get this — the United States Supreme

“Marriage has to be between only men and women because, you know, kids. Gays can’t make kids and so their marriage can’t be real.”

How bad do your legal arguments have to be if you’re relying on that? Or, alternatively, how bad of a lawyer must you be?

And how much of an insult is that to people like me and my wife, happily married now for 30 years and childless by choice? What, our marriage isn’t real? It’s not legitimate?

Fortunately, there are some actual smart people on the Supreme Court who are very good at cutting through this bullshit. Let’s all hope they can get through the heads of the bigots that are there, too.

One thought on “The stupidest argument against gay marriage

  1. Marriage is not about religion. Atheists can get married.

    Marriage is not about tradition. Multi racial and multi cultural couples once forbidden can now get married.

    Marriage is not about having children. Infertile couples and those who simply don’t choose to have children can get married.

    And as a bonus, the American Pediatrics Association just released a study which indicates that same sex couples are just as good of parents as heterosexual couples.

    There is no valid secular argument against same sex marriage, and anyone who tries simply embarrasses themselves.

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