It’s only wrong if YOU do it

Republicans are suing Obama because he is doing his job, and everything else they have tried in order to stop him from doing his job hasn’t worked.

“He’s using Executive Orders to accomplish things!” they scream, as if no other President has ever done that before.  They are once again ignoring reality, in that Obama’s use of Executive Orders is far less than any President since Grover Cleveland.

Executive Orders_chart

If only Romney had been elected, they say, we wouldn’t have to do this!  You all remember Mitt Romney — the man who promised that on day one of his Presidency, he would use an Executive Order to cancel Obamacare (a/k/a “Romneycare”) despite it having been passed by the House and Senate and confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Do I need to point out that absolutely none of Obama’s Executive Orders have cancelled or overturned laws that were passed?  Talk about a tyranny!  Can you imagine a President saying “I don’t care that a majority of Americans through their representatives have passed this bill;  I have the power of a King to cancel anything I damn well please.”  That was Romney’s promise in a nutshell, wasn’t it?

The difference, of course, is that the Republicans’ outrage against these things is only limited to when the President is a Democrat.  Republican presidents can do whatever they want.

2 thoughts on “It’s only wrong if YOU do it

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