Snopes is your friend

We’ve all fallen for one or more internet rumor, passing it along to our friends with comments like “I can’t believe it!” … and then realizing the reason we couldn’t believe it is because it wasn’t true in the first place.logo-snopes-large

Now I admit — I’m a natural skeptic. I demand evidence. But even I can fall for some of these, especially the political ones where I’ve seen such outrageous things that it doesn’t surprise me when a politician says something extremely stupid.

Still, I try to always confirm before posting. And that’s why Snopes is such a great resource.

If you haven’t checked it out, please do. The web page is dedicated to finding out the truth. And it’s also great reading, and easy to get lost with some of the more fun ones.

Recently, I posted about the school that was teaching kids fables, using the Bible as if it was factual. At the time, Snopes could not confirm whether the test was real but said it probably was. They have since done more research and have confirmed its truth. Yes, kids are learning fairy tales in the name of science. This is one of those rare cases where the incredibly stupid thing posted on the internet which gets everyone upset actually is real.

There are huge sections debunking stupid political statements (Obama is a Muslim who swore his oath on the Quran! His birth certificate is fake! Sarah Palin posed in a bikini holding a rifle! Mitt Romney’s ancestors owned slaves and that’s why he can relate to black people!)

They also confirm stupid political statements: John McCain thinks the line between “middle class” and “rich” is $5 million dollars! Obama didn’t pay his traffic tickets from his time at Harvard until 2007! As President, George W. Bush appointed an anti-abortion advocate to be in charge of the FDA’s committee on birth control!

So please: when you read something online that seems outrageous, check with Snopes first before posting it on Facebook.

And seriously: Marty McFly goes to the future on October 21, 2015.

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