Veto perspective

“Obama is a dictator” they scream once again, this time because he has vetoed the Keystone pipeline, which a majority of Americans don’t want but the Koch Brothers do (and we all know who the Republicans listen to).  Vetoes, as we know, are a complete sign of dictatorship even though they are specifically provided for in the Constitution.  Strange that.

Here is where I point out the number of vetoes Obama has used in his term and compare that with those of his predecessors.  Come on, you knew that was coming:

  • Obama:  3
  • GW Bush: 12
  • Clinton:  37veto
  • GHW Bush: 44
  • Reagan:  78
  • Carter:  31
  • Ford:  66
  • Nixon:  43
  • Johnson:  30
  • Kennedy:  21
  • Eisenhower:  181

This looks a lot like that chart showing how Obama has used less Executive Orders since Grover Cleveland, doesn’t it?

Admittedly, Obama hasn’t had to use as many vetoes over the years, but that’s mostly because this has been the Congress that has passed the least amount of bills ever.




5 thoughts on “Veto perspective

  1. The Republicans keep manufacturing crises then blaming the President for what they deliberately created. Not a whole lot we can do about it as stupid or just plain gullible people keep voting for these lying idiots.


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