The NRA and treason

The NRA just chose a leader who calls the Civil War “The War of Northern Aggression.”

Let me let that sink in for a minute.

This explains much. Many of the most extreme NRA members seem to think that there is nothing treasonous at all about taking up arms against your own country if you don’t like the way things are going. And now I see why — because they have the same mindset that the people who committed treason back during the Civil War had.

“What? You want to take away my (insert one: slaves / guns)? Don’t you know the Constitution gives me the right to own (slaves / guns)? You can’t violate my freedom like that! I don’t care that a majority of Americans think differently or that the courts have ruled against me!”

Seriously, I understand these people better now. Sadly.

5 thoughts on “The NRA and treason

  1. Understand that I am in NO WAY defending them. I agree with you on all points, Mike.

    I would add only one thing: This same thing could be said of the Revolutionary War as well. Any “war for independence” is going to be treason against whichever country has owned/claimed them to that point. In all the cases I can think of, Revolution = Treason, whether or not history later justifies it.


    • Well, there is difference between fighting against an actual tyranny and fighting against a democracy. If you don’t like what your democratically elected government is doing, you work hard to get other people elected who share your views — you don’t declare treason.

      (And before someone jumps on me, I’m talking about real democracies, not fake ones where they hold elections and the leader always gets re-elected with 95% of the vote.)


  2. It is time, or even long past time, for a nationwide gunowners association in the United States that isn’t the NRA. We need all those “Field & Stream” types, the home defense types, and the safety advocates to aggregate somewhere else, and rob the NRA of their base.

    The NRA can be left with the “God, Guns, and Glory” idiots, and we can ignore their opinions the way we ignore the Westboro Baptist “Church”.


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