One thing we can be sure of with Trump’s motives regarding the Kurds

There are a lot of theories out there about why Trump decided to betray our allies the Kurds. Among them:

  • He has Trump Towers in Turkey and he wants to keep the Turkish government happy so nothing happens to his investment
  • He likes the dictator who currently runs Turkey, who is his kind of guy
  • Putin wanted him to do this and he does anything Putin wants

The one theory to explain why he did this that we know is not true? “He did this because he was acting in the best interests of the United States.”

Being the stable genius that he is, he explained his actions thusly (artist’s recreation):

(from the Twitter page @PresVillain)



Dear Mr. Trump: “Treason” is when someone acts against the interests of the United States … NOT when they act against the interests of the President. All those people who work in the government? They took an oath to the Constitution of the United States, NOT to the President.

Sometimes, acting against the interests of the President is the patriotic thing to do.

treason thing.

Conservatives rally in Ferguson against oppressive government

A mass contingent of conservatives who hate the oppressive power of Big Government recently traveled to Ferguson, Missouri to show their support for citizens fighting against Big Brother.

“This is just like our battle with farmer Bundy,” said the leader of one group.  “Or Waco!  Who does the government think they are, shooting at innocent kids like that?  And then bringing in military-style police forces to silence people who are legally protesting.  What is this, Communist China?”  ferguson-missouri-9

“We warned you,” claimed another group.  “We said that sooner or later, we’d have to take up arms against the government that tramples on our rights and ignores the Constitution.  Now is the time for all good citizens to grab their guns and fight!”

Later, the group changed its mind when it discovered that the government was only oppressing and shooting unarmed black people.  “That’s different,” the patriots said, as they went off to look for another millionaire white guy to declare treason with.

Treason is not patriotic

Why does anyone take these traitors seriously?

It’s bad enough when they literally talk about secession when they don’t get their way.    And when they encourage gun owners to break the law if they don’t like it.  Or support right-wing zealots who talk about killing the President as if that were a patriotic thing to do. And then they support a rich rancher who gives the law a middle finger and literally says he does not acknowledge the existence of the United States.  ranchero Quite often, many of these people fly the flag of the traitors who declared war against our country so they could keep humans in slavery, and they’re proud of that fact.   

And then they proclaim, with a straight face, that they love America and are patriots.

Well, no.  No, they don’t and no they aren’t.  People who love America do not declare treason against it.

Don’t get me wrong — this isn’t just about free speech.  They have every right to protest and speak out against government policies they don’t like.  And hey, there’s even a place for peaceful protests and civil disobedience.

This is none of those things.

We need to speak up and tell these people that they do not represent the views of honest, patriotic Americans.  And we need to call out these hypocrites who yelled “traitor” whenever anyone ever said anything bad about George W. Bush.  (Ann Coulter even wrote a book on that topic, yet she remains completely silent about real actual examples done by people she happens to agree with.)

You know this is true:  If people on the left were doing the things mentioned above, the right would be the first to call them traitors.

And this time, they’d be right.

Treason is only patriotic when the right does it

Hey, remember when a majority of Americans voted against George W. Bush yet he became President by, let’s say, “less than ideally democratic” means?  Were there any mainstream liberals calling for an overthrow of the government?  I can’t recall any, and a search finds none.

Yet we are constantly hearing such talk from the right concerning Obama — who won twice by huge margins.  These sore losers are not just some crazed radicals (both parties have those) — these are people who get coverage on legitimate talk shows and on legitimate (albeit right-wing) blogs.

The gun lovers are mostly the ones who make these arguments, as if treason were patriotic, but other un-American right-wingers apparently think not getting their way because they are in the minority is the exact same thing as tyranny.  It must be hard to live in a world when you are this delusional, but there you go.  (Here’s where all the people advocating the overthrow of our democratically elected government get mad that I called them “un-American.”  There’s that delusion I spoke of;  how else can you classify someone who is so against democracy?)

Of course, none of this is too surprising, as some conservatives are still upset about the Civil War and make excuses for the slave-owning Southerners who committed treason.

Masking Treason as Patriotism

Last Monday, a gun-owning friend of mine posted a bunch of internet memes on his Facebook page, culminating with “There are two types of people:  gun owners and victims.”  Someone please remind me what last Monday’s holiday was for — was it gun owner James Earl Ray or victim Martin Luther King, Jr.?  I forget.

There are lots of things our government does that I disagree with.  gun-owner Throughout our history, our government has taken away rights of individuals, and we have been able to make great progress without actually taking up arms against the government.  

For instance, the civil rights movement led by King helped to convince Americans that the law had to be changed, and they accomplished this with non-violent protests.  Other advances were made through our political system (by electing politicians who promoted change) or through our legal system (with lawsuits to force the government to extend rights).  In a truly democratic form of government, this is how you progress.

But some gun owners believe that if you don’t get your way in America, it is perfectly fine to advocate violence.  They read the 2nd amendment in a way no court has done, and in a way counter to the majority of Americans, but insist, like religious fundamentalists, that they and they alone know exactly what the Constitution means.  “We must obey the Constitution!” they scream.  “We are true patriots, obeying the will of the Founders!  And we will use violence against the government if you try to stop us!”

Yes, because the Constitution must be obeyed.  Oh, except that part about treason.  That doesn’t count.


(EDIT:  It is pure coincidence that as I am writing this, I hear on the news that there is another shooter killing people in a Mall.  I could have re-rerun my “Gun Control Shuffle” post, but I’m getting tired of having to run that every few weeks.)


The NRA and treason

The NRA just chose a leader who calls the Civil War “The War of Northern Aggression.”

Let me let that sink in for a minute.

This explains much. Many of the most extreme NRA members seem to think that there is nothing treasonous at all about taking up arms against your own country if you don’t like the way things are going. And now I see why — because they have the same mindset that the people who committed treason back during the Civil War had.

“What? You want to take away my (insert one: slaves / guns)? Don’t you know the Constitution gives me the right to own (slaves / guns)? You can’t violate my freedom like that! I don’t care that a majority of Americans think differently or that the courts have ruled against me!”

Seriously, I understand these people better now. Sadly.