The cost of the immigration bill

And now, another in my series of impressions of Republicans.


“We cannot afford Obama’s Stimulus! I don’t care if it will fix our roads and bridges and bring jobs, we just don’t have the money. And a national health care program? We can’t afford to give health care to our citizens!

What’s that? You want to spend $38 billion on a wall that will have very little impact on illegal immigration? A cost that even conservative Forbes magazine calls a “Bonanza for Defense Contractors”? You say that the money we’d be spending per illegal immigrant would provide health care for millions? Your point is?

Oh, while we’re at it, let’s buy a few more tanks and planes the military doesn’t want or need, too.”

uncle sam money

2 thoughts on “The cost of the immigration bill

  1. I’m afraid that your impression of Republicans is much like a four-year-old on the playground taunting someone saying, “This is you! Blah blah blah blah blah”.

    That said, the wall is moronic, both in motive and execution.

    In contrast with the stimulus plan, which was only moronic in execution and theory; the motives were sound.


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