The real discrimination

Fox News knows. That’s why they are always fighting for those who are discriminated against: Men. Christians. Heterosexuals. Non-minorities. The wealthy.

Those poor downtrodden members of society. How they’ve been mistreated over the years.

(Here’s the latest example, wherein we should all be decrying the terrible discrimination that men have suffered under.)

Thank God (and I mean “God” literally, you heathens trying to take away God-given rights to mention God as many times in a sentence as God demands. God god god) that someone is fighting these battles for us.

Because clearly, allowing others to be equal only makes everyone else second-class.

And if there’s one thing these people don’t want, it’s to be treated as second-class. That’s a big worry. Soon, for instance, whites will be the minority in America and that’s a terrible thing — do you realize how terribly minorities are treated in this country?

4 thoughts on “The real discrimination

  1. It’s all fun and games until we’re all forced to gay-marry, illegal immigrant transsexuals who will confiscate our guns and 64-ounce Coca Cola’s and make us have health care whether we want it or not.


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