Cruz in for a Bruisin’

As I write this, Senator Cruz is in some sort of semi-fillibuster mode in a useless and futile attempt to — well, I’m not sure. He says he wants to stop Obamacare, but this won’t do it. Certainly his own party leaders don’t support this. Cruz is just sucking up to the Tea Party crazies who like to bang their heads against the wall and constantly complain, because no matter what Obama does for them, he continues to stubbornly remain black. Or something. I’m not quite sure of their logic.ted-cruz

Obamacare passed both Houses. It was signed by the President. The Supreme Court ruled it constitutional. Forty-two attempts to repeal it have failed. It’s not going away.

Most of its provisions have already gone into effect and are showing to be successful. My insurance rates have risen every year for the past ten years and for the first time, I am able to negotiate (because the companies can no longer turn me down for my wife’s pre-existing condition) and how about that? My rates are going down, and that’s in a state with a Tea Party governor doing everything possible to thwart the law.

What the Republicans are really worried about is not that the program will fail. They are worried it will be successful — that people will like it, and then blame them for trying to prevent it.

After all, they have shown over and over again that they don’t really care about anything except getting re-elected and helping their wealthy donors. That’s why we have seen a grand total of zero job bills passed by the Republicans.

Ted Cruz is becoming the new face of that party, which is not making the party leadership happy. Then again, they invited this. Instead of standing up to the Tea Party extremists, they catered to them. And now they have to deal with it.

And they’re not the only ones suffering because of it.

3 thoughts on “Cruz in for a Bruisin’

  1. Cruz is doing what congress is supposed to: checks and balances… Just because the Supreme say something is constitutional does not make it so. Remember their past rulings on slavery being alright? The simple fact is 0bamacare abolishes due process. It can’t be allowed to go into effect, but you hypocrites don’t really care…. And health care costs are high because of the insurance scam….


    • EXACTLY! Which is why we need ObamaCare, to stick the insurance companies back to where they belong. Mike’s right: the thing has gone through a baptism of fire, and come out cured and baked. It’s ready for prime time.


      • You can find charts online that show health care costs over the prior decades. They skyrocketed around 1965. That is when government came up with medicare/medicaid and coerced employers to provide insurance. The insurance industry soon had millions of new customers over natural demand. They soon realized they could charge whatever they wanted and government would pickl up the tab, or they could just spread that $10k hospital bill over all of their customers. Before government got involved, health care was actually pretty affordable….


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