The real question about Cruz’s affairs

The National Inquirer is reporting that Ted Cruz has had multiple affairs, including one with a Trump staffer.cruz

Now this probably won’t matter much to Republican evangelical voters, who have already shown, with their support of Trump, that to them, “Christian values” really don’t exist.

It should be pointed out that there are no hard facts in this story, but then again, the Inquirer broke the Lewinski/Clinton scandal, the John Edwards scandal, and even the Gary Hart scandal — so there may be something there.

In any event, this all avoids the big question:

How desperate do you have to be to have sex with Ted Cruz?


I hereby endorse Trump for the Republican nomination

I, Michael A. Ventrella, being of sound mind and sound body, hereby endorse Trump for the Republican nomination. I urge all my Republican friends to vote for Trump.

Here’s why:trump

1.  If elected, he will be one of the least effective Presidents. Both Democrats and Republicans will refuse to work with him.

2.  He’s better than Cruz. I mean, seriously, everyone hates Cruz but what makes Cruz scarier is that he could possibly accomplish some of his evil plan.

3.  Trump really doesn’t stand for anything other than Trump. He has held liberal views in the past and is holding conservative ones now because it gets him attention. I’d rather have that than a religious crusader like Cruz who thinks he’s doing God’s will. Trump just thinks he’s God.

4.  If Trump is the nominee, every poll shows that the Democrats are a shoo-in. He’s the most popular among the extremists in the Republican party and of all the possible GOP candidates does the worst in a head-to-head match-up with either Bernie or Hillary. (Bernie does better against him in case you’re wondering.)

5.  With Trump as the candidate, the Democrat’s chances rise for taking back not only the Senate but also the House.

So here’s to Trump: Long may he continue to destroy the Republican party.


Man who thrusts kids into public angry that kids pushed into public

Ted Cruz used his young daughters as political props in a campaign ad recently, as they read from a script and said exactly what he wanted them to say.

Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Ann Telnaes then portrayed him as a monkey grinder, having his pets perform for his benefit.telnaes gif

“Ourageous!” the Cruz people said.  “Kids are off limits!” The Washington Post backed down and pulled the cartoon from their web page and apologized.

Telnaes did not. Good for her.

Individuals deserve their privacy, even if they are married to politicians and especially if they are children. But if you thrust yourself into the spotlight, you cannot later complain about it.

If Ted Cruz is mad about his kids being lampooned, then the only person he has to blame is himself for allowing their privacy to be violated.

Telnaes’ fellow cartoonists have been largely supportive, with the best quote coming from Clay Jones: “The cartoonist didn’t expose them. Daddy did. Daddy is a hypocrite. Daddy is upset that someone exploited his children to make fun of him exploiting his children.”

Below are Jones’ and a few other cartoonists’ takes on it, in the best way they know how:

Clay Jones:

Clay Bennett:

Rob Rogers:

Darrin Bell:

Ted Cruz and the Constitution

Supporters say that they like Ted Cruz because he “supports the Constitution.”

What bullshit.ted-cruz

Ted believes states should decide civil rights issues such as gay marriage (which, of course, he opposes). Rights should not be voted on. That’s the same argument the segregationists gave and they were wrong too. For Cruz to claim the Constitution allows states to deny basic rights shows that he doesn’t understand the Constitution.

He also does not support the 1st Amendment, especially the Establishment Clause. He’s constantly bitching about how religion is under attack — you know, the whole fake War on Christmas crap — and there’s a reason he gave his announcement the other day at a college that teaches the world is only 6000 years old.  Cruz hates the Constitution, because it prevents him from forcing kids to be taught his church’s creationist story in public schools.

Cruz passed laws when in Texas having to do with immigration which Texas has no power to regulate, and has said that states have the right to do so despite the Supremacy Clause.  That’s hardly the reaction you’d get from someone who “respects the Constitution”. He proposed something called “interstate compacts” wherein states could get together and nullify federal laws they don’t like. You know, ’cause that worked so well for the confederates before.

As for rights of criminals, he was one of many who fought to take away the rights of American citizens who were suspected of terrorism, despite the Constitution’s guarantees. Sadly, he wasn’t alone there, but that hardly makes him a lover of the Constitution.

And you know that part of the Constitution that says the president signs treaties? Cruz supported the GOP Iran letter, so it’s clear that he has no respect for the Constitution’s separation of powers in these matters. (Of course, if it was a Democrat doing that to a Republican President, he’d be screaming “treason”).

Green Eggs and Spam

You keep using that book.  I do not think it means what you think it means.

Republicans have a habit of rewriting Dr. Suess‘ “Green Eggs and Ham” while emphasizing all the things they do not like about Obamacare.  Numerous internet memes have done the same thing.  I’m not sure if that is because they assume their intended audience has the minds of children or if they think it’s funny.   GreenEggsDetail

What they keep missing is that the story is about how wrong it is to be stubbornly against something you know nothing about.  The main character finds out he actually likes green eggs and ham once he tries it.

And that’s what is happening with Obamacare.  The more people learn about it, the more they like it.  The more people who have been able to get better and cheaper insurance, the happier they are with it.

Seriously, the thing people don’t like is the word “Obamacare.”  One study asked people what they thought of Obamacare as opposed to the “Affordable Care Act” and overwhelmingly people preferred the Affordable Care Act over Obamacare.  (Since you’re reading this blog, I assume you are smart enough to realize they are the exact same thing.)  Other studies show that when you take the Act bit by bit, people really like it.   (“No pre-existing conditions?  Great!  Kids covered while college age?  Wonderful!  No more caps on benefits?  Excellent!  No more charging women more for health care?  We like!”)  What they dislike is the mandate, which liberals also don’t like (We wanted medicare-for-all).  The mandate was the part of the plan proposed by Republicans way back when Bob Dole had it in his platform.

So as Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz continue to read from “Green Eggs and Ham” the rest of us can laugh at them, aware that they are blind to the irony of quoting a story that has a moral which directly contradicts everything they are saying.

Lying as policy

All politicians lie.  But currently, only the Republican party proudly promotes lies and deceptions as its policy.

A few days ago, I wrote about the “2.5 million unemployed by Obamacare” lie they are peddling.

I now see that that they are claiming that “Obama caused the government shutdown.”

Here’s how it really went down:

“Hey, President Obama!  It’s us, the Republicans!  Remember how we voted against Obamacare but it still passed?  And how we challenged it in court and lost?  And how we nominated a candidate who ran on a platform of repealing it and he lost?  And how we voted 42 times to repeal it, losing each time?  And how we have tried to defund it and lost?  

Well, we now demand that despite all this, you defund it and thus kill it, or else we will shut down the government.  No?  Okay, you asked for it!

Look, everyone!  We, the Republicans, have shut down the government until Obama gives us what we want!  We’re proud of this accomplishment!

Okay, Obama, now will you defund it?  No?  Well, will you cut the budget in a few places?  No?  Will you  at least cut this one thing?  No?

Wait a minute … the American people hate this.  Our poll numbers are lower than they have been in the history of poll numbers.  

Okay, fine, you can reopen the government.

Wow, the public really hates us.  Guess we have to use our old standby policy to get out of this one.  Everyone, ready?  Good. Start lying.

Obama caused the shutdown!!!”

Fortunately, rational and reasonable people are laughing at this.  Here’s a nice video of journalist Bob Schieffer giggling uncontrollably when Ted Cruz claimed that Obama caused the shutdown:

… And here is an article from last December where Ted Cruz brags about causing the shutdown.

This is just outright lying, isn’t it?  I mean, is there another explanation?

Despite what some defenders claim, this is not the same thing as picking and choosing which facts to highlight when pushing your agenda.  It’s not the same thing as “spinning.”  It’s not even the same thing as not pursuing your campaign promises.  This is lying as policy.  To defend this is despicable.  (And I applaud those Republicans who are refusing to follow the party line here.)

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss the current GOP strategy of creating fake fraudulent websites designed to purposely mislead people into thinking they are donating to Democratic candidates.   I am not making this up.

New Year’s Resolution

I don’t usually do New Years resolutions, being practically perfect in every way*, but there is one I think I need to make.happy-2014-new-year-3D-Images

I resolve to avoid insulting my political opponents.

Oh, I may very well insult their views.  There are indeed members of the Tea Party that believe in absolute nonsense.

I need to refrain from saying “That idiot twit Sarah Palin believes that taxes have gone up under Obama!”  I can attack her views without attacking her personally. There is enough ammunition for pointing out her mistakes without having to point out the person behind the mistakes.

This may be a difficult resolution to make, because sometimes it is hard to separate the stupid thing from the person saying the stupid thing.  But I think all political discourse would be better if everyone stopped insulting the other side personally (“I can’t stand Obummer the Muslim!”), and instead just insult their views — because views can change.

We’ll see how successful I can be.

So happy New Year’s Everybody!  Happy New Year even to those freaking idiots Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann, and the rest of the neanderthal numbskulls standing in the way of progress.

Hey, I still have one day left.

* that was sarcasm

Party Before Country: Cruz profits while we suffer

Senator Cruz tried to spin his loss in the Shutdown Showdown by saying that he had succeeded in bringing the issue of Obamacare to everyone’s attention.

Let’s discount the fact that more people like Obamacare now than they did before Cruz started his tilting at the windmill, and let’s look at what he really gained: Money. Lots of it.

Yep. Good old Cruz and his right-wing buddies raised a ton of campaign cash thanks to the Shutdown. They used it to send out all sorts of fundraising letters and their campaign coffers are now overflowing.

So who cares if the country is now further in debt because of this? The Republican party is now richer, and isn’t that more important?

Cruz Control

Senator Cruz has been practically giddy with the government shutdown. As a man who has never seen a government program he liked that did not involve regulating women’s reproductive rights, this has been a lifelong dream.

“And why stop here?” the Senator asks. “If this works, we can force Obama to get rid of other laws that have passed. Why limit ourselves to just laws that have passed and been upheld by the Supreme Court in the past two years? The Civil Rights Act, Social security, votes for women — the list is endless!”

“I never realized that people who hate government could possibly try to destroy that government once elected,” said one clueless voter.

Other clueless voters have different views. “Our government may be destroyed, we may lose our place as the richest country in the world, and we may never again have the respect of the world when it comes to our good credit, but at least in exchange we’re letting poor people without health insurance die, right?”

Cruz sees no problem with his venture, and thinks it fits perfectly with his idea of the desires of the Founders. “Simply because the law was passed and signed by the President and then upheld by the Supreme Court and has already been implemented despite our 43 failed votes to repeal it doesn’t mean we can’t keep fighting to get rid of it,” he says. “As every schoolchild knows, once a bill becomes a law that doesn’t mean it gets implemented.”

Ted Cruz replaced by wacky inflatable tube

Republicans were pleased today when Senator Cruz was replaced by a wacky and lovable inflatable promotional tube today.4370674716

“Look at him, isn’t he great?” said Senator McCain as the tube fluttered and bounced around behind the Senate podium. “It’s much more fun to watch than Senator Cruz, and accomplishes the same thing he did without having to worry about bathroom breaks.”

When some complained that the tube was not appropriate, supporters pointed out that both the tube and the Texas Senator were very similar, since they were both brainless and filled with hot air.