Back in the bubble

It’s been said many times that the current Republican party lives in a bubble, where they only listen to people who agree with them and disregard any news that contradicts their pre-conceived notions.

That’s why they reject polls showing that people actually like Obamacare and want abortion to be legal, and why they deny evolution and climate change — these things go against what they believe, and what they believe is more important than facts.

It’s also why they were convinced up until the last minute that they were going to win the Presidential election in 2012, when in fact they lost by what, six points or so (which is fairly major in a Presidential election)?

But at least they are consistent. Republicans are convinced that the shutdown is supported by the American people, despite every single poll showing the opposite. A recent CBS poll, for instance, showed that even voters who identify themselves as Republicans were against the shutdown, but the Tea Party Republicans supported it by a large margin, and those are the ones in the bubble these days.

They’re practically giddy over it, too. They’re really happy they shut the government down, and why shouldn’t they be? They hate the government. They’ve been doing everything they can to kill it since they were formed. (Well, except for that part of government that forces everyone to follow Christian law.)

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