The NSA is More Powerful Than the President Apparently

I don’t know what is worse: A President who spies on his allies, or a President who doesn’t know we’re spying on our allies.

Apparently, Obama was not aware until just recently that the NSA spied on foreign leaders who were our allies.

Members of Congress who are on Foreign Relations committees who normally have access to this kind of information also were unaware.

Shouldn’t the Commander-in-Chief know these things? Will we see some heads roll over at the NSA? Should we have agencies that are unanswerable to anyone?

We must again thank Edward Snowden. Had it not been for his unearthing of these secrets, we would never know. Sometimes whistleblowers are indeed the good guys. Obama needs to stop going after Snowden and instead go after General Alexander, head of the NSA.

2 thoughts on “The NSA is More Powerful Than the President Apparently

  1. I have to say, these days, being a whistleblower is not something most people would want to do thanks to the immense chilling effect thanks to how many of the so called legal ‘protections’ set out for them, which (now a days) seem to be thrown out in favor of maintaining the status quo.

    The reason I say that is b/c it seems almost everyone of them have been hung out to dry even if they did the right thing – in order to put an end to some raging corruption or right some horrible breach of ethics. And that’s a sad commentary on how far off the mark our society has gotten, IMHO.


  2. The president cannot be kept in the loop about everything that is going on with the government. He SHOULD be but that’s why he appoints other directors, supervisors and so on. They’re suppose to keep him in the loop about any possible issues.

    The fault is with the director of the NSA – not Obama.


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