Obamacare’s Free Market Problem

To my Republican friends who keep pointing out examples where insurance is going up under Obamacare:

By golly, you’re right! If only we could get the free market out of this, and do a medicare-for-all plan like every other civilized country — oh, right! Keeping the insurance companies involved was your idea! Letting the market decide was what you wanted! Silly me.

Let’s leave aside the webpage problems which are real, do exist, and make Obama look kind of incompetent. Criticism of that is justified.

But many conservatives are complaining that some people are finding their rates increasing — and this has to be Obama’s fault!Paul Miller

First of all, remember that for the vast majority of Americans (around 80%), this isn’t affecting them at all because their employer provides the health care.

Second, Obamacare requires that basic medical care needs to be covered, and some people who had only purchased catastrophic care (that they never used) now have to purchase plans that cover more and yes, those plans do indeed cost more. The fact that you are getting more for your money doesn’t seem to matter to the critics, though. (These people may also be eligible for subsidies to help pay for this.)

Third, it turns out that some insurance companies are lying to their customers and forcing them to buy more expensive plans and blaming that on Obamacare. Shocked! Shocked I am to discover this!

Fourth, rates have been rising for health care for forty years. Apparently, according to the critics, Obamacare’s effect on rates reverberated through time and space.

Here’s the point I was trying to make, though: We wouldn’t be having these problems had not the conservatives insisted on a market-based health system in America. The original plan for medicare-for-all (“single payer”) cut out the insurance companies. We wouldn’t be having these issues had we done what every other civilized nation on Earth had done. We know medicare works. We already have the bureaucracy in place. It would have been so easy to switch to that.

But conservatives insisted (and I am including conservative Democrats in this) and so we ended up with this awful bill. It’s a Republican plan that the Republicans are now trying to deny, rewriting history to their liking. It used to be called Romneycare.

I’ll blame Harry Reid and his 60 vote thing in the Senate though. There were 50 votes for a medicare for all plan, but Obama and Reid thought if they compromised they’d get some Republican votes. And come on, it’s not like the GOP wanted medicare for all. They don’t even want medicare.

I still don’t like Obamacare but it’s better than what we had before, which was nothing.

My dream is that the GOP keeps imploding, the Democrats get to control the House and Senate, and we can do this the right way, like it should have been done way back when Teddy Roosevelt first proposed it.

The bottom line is that Republicans always want the market to decide, and Obama caved in on that. Prices are going up for some, just like they’ve been doing for years without a word of complaint from Republicans. The market is now deciding. Republicans should be thrilled.

Unless, of course, they’re all a bunch of hypocrites who would criticize Obama no matter what happened, and that could never be the case, could it?

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