Happy Halloween, Wiccans!

The local paper did an article about a local Wiccan follower, and I will give them some credit: They didn’t make her look like an idiot (which is usually what happens in these kinds of articles). The_Nightmare_Before_Christmas121510

They still described the rituals her religion has her do, and to someone not familiar, it would seem strange. They “party with the dead,” says the headline. I mean, after all, it’s not like she believes in a real religion, where they drink the blood and eat the flesh of their savior during their rituals.

Any religion seems silly and weird if you observe it from a distance with a cynical eye and phrase it in such a way to take the meaning out of whatever they’re doing.

So let me just say Happy Halloween to my Wiccan friends. And to everyone else, too!

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween, Wiccans!

  1. Note: that’s Catholics, Mike. They believe in transubstantiation, in which the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of the Christ. Most Protestants believe in consubstantiation, which is more symbolic. I have no idea what Fundies believe. Not putting down Wicca or any other faith, just clearing up a common misconception about Protestants.


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