Obamacare support remains unchanged

Most Americans aren’t dumb, despite what certain news organizations and political parties want to believe.

For instance, most Americans understand that the problems with a website don’t have anything to do with the program the website was set up for, and they realize that the website problems are not permanent.doctor-obama

Just about the same amount of people support Obamacare from a month ago as do now.  The website fiasco has hurt Obama in the polls — because it makes him look incompetent — but it hasn’t hurt Obamacare.  (Obama is still ranked much higher in the polls than Congress, but that’s not saying a lot.)

A new CBS poll shows that 58% of Americans say they oppose Obamacare, which is about what it was before.  As has been pointed out many many times (but which Republicans never seem to tell you), that 58% includes 14% who oppose Obamacare because it doesn’t go far enough.  People like me, who think we need a medicare-for-all plan and that the problems with Obamacare are directly related to the fact that we’re still treating health care as a profit-making product in America instead of as a service.

That means 54% — a majority — think Obamacare is fine or want it expanded even further.   A majority has consistently wanted some sort of national health care policy. That has never changed.

So when Republicans scream that most Americans don’t like Obamacare, they are fooling themselves, because that 14% will never support them no matter what.   A majority support it.  A majority voted against their candidate who ran against it.  And that hasn’t changed in three years.

4 thoughts on “Obamacare support remains unchanged

  1. Did you see that Vermont has approved their state to be a single-payer system? Should be fully online 2017. Should be an interesting experiment. Their slogan? “Everybody in, nobody out.”


    • I am always impressed with Vermont, and wish more states would follow their lead. California too. They elected a bunch of Democrats a few years ago when it was in terrible financial trouble under Republican leadership, and now they are in the black and moving forward in a way other states should notice.


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