Paul McCartney’s Greatest Hits

I just am not feeling political today, so let’s talk about music instead.

Way back when, I gave the Beatles challenge, wherein I listed 100 songs the Beatles had written in the period of about seven years and challenged anyone to come up with any other group or composer who had written so many memorable songs in such a short period of time.Paul_McCartney_live_in_Dublin

So today I decided do the same with Paul McCartney’s solo work.

Of course the comparison is not valid;  Paul has had 43 years to come up with this list, not seven.  But you have to admit he’s written some pretty good songs.

There are some really bad ones, too.  If I never hear “Ebony and Ivory” again, all the better. Paul’s biggest problem tends to be lyrics, even today.  He needs a John Lennon challenging him to be his best and not settle for the first lyrics that come into his head.  (Some of his best post-Beatles lyrics came when he worked with Elvis Costello, one of the best lyricists of our day.)

As I worked on this list, I included all of the singles (even if I didn’t like them) plus album songs I really liked.  And then I surprised myself by only coming up with about 75 songs instead of 100. Just goes to show you that even Paul freakin’ McCartney couldn’t beat the Beatles even when given six times as much time.

Still, if you were making a CD of Paul’s 75 greatest hits, it would probably look like this. They’re listed in order of release date, and the number in parenthesis is the highest they reached on the Billboard chart if released as a single:

  1. Maybe I’m Amazed (10)
  2. Every Night
  3. Junk
  4. Teddy Boy
  5. Another Day (5)
  6. Too Many People
  7. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (1)
  8. Dear Boy
  9. Heart of the Country
  10. Monkberry Moon Delight
  11. Back Seat of My Car
  12. Tomorrow
  13. Give Ireland Back to the Irish (21)
  14. Mary Had a Little Lamb (28)
  15. Hi Hi Hi (10)
  16. Big Barn Bed
  17. My Love (1)
  18. Live and Let Die (2)
  19. Helen Wheels (10)
  20. Jet (7)
  21. Band on the Run (1)
  22. Mrs. Vandebilt
  23. Bluebird
  24. Junior’s Farm (3)
  25. Listen to What the Man Said (1)
  26. Letting Go (39)
  27. Venus and Mars / Rock Show (12)
  28. Magneto and Titanium Man
  29. Silly Love Songs (1)
  30. Let ‘Em In (3)
  31. Mull of Kintyre
  32. Girl’s School (33)
  33. With a Little Luck (1)
  34. I’ve Had Enough (25)
  35. London Town (39)
  36. Goodnight Tonight (5)
  37. Getting Closer (20)
  38. Arrow Through Me (29)
  39. Coming Up (1)
  40. Waterfalls
  41. Ebony and Ivory (1)
  42. Take It Away (10)
  43. Here Today
  44. Tug of War (53)
  45. Say Say Say (1)
  46. So Bad (23)
  47. Pipes of Peace
  48. No More Lonely Nights (6)
  49. Spies Like Us (7)
  50. Press (21)
  51. Stranglehold (81)
  52. Once Upon a Long Ago
  53. Back on My Feet
  54. My Brave Face (25)
  55. You Want Her Too
  56. This One (94)
  57. Figure of Eight (92)
  58. Hope of Deliverance (83)
  59. C’Mon People
  60. Off the Ground
  61. Mistress and Maid
  62. Young Boy
  63. The World Tonight (64)
  64. Beautiful Night
  65. From a Lover to a Friend
  66. Fine Line
  67. English Tea
  68. Jenny Wren
  69. Dance Tonight (69)
  70. Ever Present Past
  71. Mr. Bellamy
  72. The End of the End
  73. New
  74. Save Us
  75. Queenie Eye

What do you think?

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