The War From Christians

A judge in Louisiana recently ruled that the school district was liable for allowing one of its teachers to demand that students answer the test question “_____ is great” with “God”. The teacher then insulted other religions in class, saying “You’re stupid if you don’t believe in God” and told a Buddhist student his belief was not real and if he didn’t like it, he should “move to a place where there are more Asians.” godThis is a public school, mind you.

The good news is that the judge is someone who has actually read the Constitution and knows that this is clearly not allowed. The judge ordered the school district leaders (who defended this awful teacher) to go through classes teaching them how to read.

You know exactly how these people reacted, right? “This is just another attack on Christianity!” they screamed. “It’s a War on Christians!”

I dare anyone to give me an example of anyone trying to keep Christians from practicing their religion in America. Double dare you. Every single “attack” on Christians is actually a defense (as American Atheist President David Silverman points out). Those Christians who whine that there is a “war” against their beliefs are upset that they are not being allowed to force their beliefs on everyone else. They complain when people want to include others and say “Happy Holidays” instead of highlighting their own personal holiday; they complain when people don’t want their Commandments posted in public places with public money; they complain when we don’t want their religion’s creationism beliefs forced on our schoolkids — and every one is a defensive action against their war on us. We didn’t fire the first shot.

Now clearly, there are many Christians who do not whine like this, so don’t go reading this to imply differently. But those who do claim that their rights are being violated because they are not being permitted to force their views on us should perhaps move to a country where there is no difference between government and religion — Iran, for instance.

4 thoughts on “The War From Christians

  1. Well said, Mike!
    I’ve always interpreted freedom of religion, to mean you can practice it in your own way, in your own home, and not have to worry about some coming in a giving you grief for it.

    Unfortunately, certain individuals have taken their religions ideal of ‘convert other people into our religion, and make it grow’ beyond the pale and are practicing it in basically a rabid way, instead of being quiet and gentle about it. Turning it into one of those awful “It’s us against the world” struggles.

    As onw RPG gamers axiom goes, “If it’s between you vs the world, always bet on the world.” 🙂

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  2. This sounds like an Onion story, though I trust Mike that it is real. How crazy can things get before people begin to push back against all this and put these insane people in their place. No matter what your beliefs, imposing your religion on others is actually unConstitutional in the United States.

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