New Hempshire

The New Hampshire House has voted to legalize marijuana.

This is important.  Marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington were voter-driven referenda. medical-marijuana-dea  Most politicians are afraid to take a stand on this for fear of being labelled as “soft on drugs” or something else equally stupid, but given the popularity of sudden vacations to Colorado, they’re rethinking their old ways.

And rightly so.  Legalized marijuana can make a state a lot of money.  They can tax it heavily and require sellers to pay for expensive licensing. But they also save money — less people in jail over marijuana possession, less police wasting time on marijuana cases, fewer probation officers needed, fewer court hours spent on hearings and trials.

New Hampshire is a conservative state in many ways, filled with people escaping from liberal Massachusetts and socialistic Vermont.  New Hampshire is quite libertarian —  they’re individuals who don’t like government telling them that they can’t smoke a joint. “Life free or die” is their credo (even though it doesn’t make any sense).

Will they be the next state to legalize?  Not likely.  The Governor has vowed to veto the bill.  (And she’s a Democrat, too; you’d think otherwise.)  So why would she be against this with all the benefits it will bring?

Who knows?  Maybe she’s high.

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