Debating Creationists

I mean, seriously, what’s the point?

Nothing you say will change their minds.  But yet, there was a debate on TV between scientist Bill Nye and creationist Ken Hamm. nye  As I predicted, Nye made Hamm look like an idiot, and Hamm and his followers claimed that they won handily.  That’s easy to do when facts don’t matter.

If people want to believe that the earth is only 4000 years old and dinosaurs roamed with cavemen, fine.  Go ahead and believe in whatever silly thing you want to.   This is America, and you have every right to do so.

But I think it is also inherent on us to start treating these people with disdain in the same way we treat racists.  Let’s call them out.  Let’s challenge them.  Let’s make them outcasts.

Like racists, these people are hurting our society.  They are filling their kid’s heads with nonsense and destroying their future.  Worse yet, many of them are trying to force us to teach their mythology in our science classes.  (Next:  astrology and alchemy!)

So I applaud Nye for at least making this public and getting people to talk about it.  Sure, he didn’t plan on changing anyone’s mind, but the more we expose these people, the better.

3 thoughts on “Debating Creationists

  1. He did change one adult’s mind, I doubt she was the only one. (it was mostly the crawling dead creature/fossil level thing) So, that was worth watching the 2 hour video for me. That means my friend’s son can start getting dinosaur and shark books I had saved up for when I could send references to evolution.

    Bill Nye just cleared about 3 cubic feet of space in my house.


  2. I must say that my fire towards God and debating God, and all subsets, was burning quite low, and for the most part I had lost care. After listening to Ken Hamm I became aware how misguided much of the population is. So much so that Ken Hamm doesn’t even need to fear uttering those offensive-to-science statements in public. In short, Fuel has just been added to my fire after witnessing this debate.


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