OK, so this Donald Sterling apparently exists …

I know nothing about professional sports, and had never heard of Donald Sterling until this weekend.  Seems he said some blatantly racist (and sexist) remarks that were recorded and now everyone is demanding that he resign.  He’s losing sponsors and otherwise feeling the heat.

So, of course, the first thing the right wing does when faced with a racist in their midst is to run away and disown him.   They tried to do that with last week’s racist, Clive Bundy, and now they’re doing the same with Donald Sterling, except this time they’re using the old technique of lying through their teeth.   donald-sterling

“He’s a Democrat!” claimed the right wing blogosphere, pointing out that he had donated some money to former Basketball player Bill Bradley’s campaign many years ago.

That’s it.  That’s basically the evidence.

Which is contradicted by the easily verifiable search of voter registration records showing him as a long-time registered Republican.

Am I implying that all racists are Republicans?  Of course not, and don’t try to put words into my mouth.  And I know that most Republicans are not liars.

But I’m damned tired of loudmouths on the right spreading lies, while responsible Republicans remain silent and refuse to call them out on it.


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