Either way, Hillary is unfit (says Fox)

That Hillary — she really knows how to manipulate us!  (Well, according to Fox News).   clinton-glasses-2

For instance, when she fell and hurt her head, Fox was absolutely convinced that it was faked.  Obviously it didn’t really happen;  she just lied in order to get out of testifying about Benghazi (in one of the many hearings the Republicans have wasted our taxpayer money on).

Well, that narrative has come and gone, because now the question from Fox is, “Does this minor concussion from a year and a half ago prevent her from being President?”  Karl Rove even accused her of having “brain damage.”

I am not making this up.

Hey, remember when Fox admitted it was wrong about the fake injury?  Ha ha!  Just kidding!  Maybe in an alternate universe.

The Fox version is this:  either she faked it and thus is unfit or she didn’t fake it and thus is unfit.  There is no winning scenario for them.

“What we clearly need,” they will say next, “is for Hillary to release her Health Certificate.  The long form.”

(Remember:  you read it here first.)


2 thoughts on “Either way, Hillary is unfit (says Fox)

  1. I say we test for brain damage in the first debate. Candidates will be asked questions from one of their college exams, from their own campaign speeches and asked to do some basic tests like remember four numbers for a few seconds and repeat them in the correct order. Let’s see who has the brain damage.

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