Why does Fox News have such influence?

Seriously, why are they allowed to set the agenda so often?  Why doesn’t the rest of the news media just ignore them instead of taking the stories they create and making them appear as something?FoxNews

Fox News gets better ratings, but the average age of its viewers is 71.  I am not making this up.  It’s the network for old retired people who sit at home, angry at the world, holding onto biases and prejudices thrown out by the generations that followed them.  Why are we letting a bunch of cranky 71 year olds dictate our media policies?

Fox has consistently been found to be promoting lies and disinformation.  The watchdog web sites have called them out many more times than they have the real media.  It’s hardly “fair and balanced”  (in fact, that is one of their biggest lies).

They post misleading charts that their gullible viewers believe.  They push rumors as if they were facts.  They continue to insist that conspiracies exist behind every door, despite being called out over and over again about their lies.

And they don’t care, because they’re not a news network — they’re a propaganda machine.  So why do rational news reporters feel like they have to cover the same stories just because Fox does?  Why don’t they just ignore Fox when it says outlandish things about our veterans or when they say that Hillary Clinton has brain damage and so on?

That’s the mystery.

They certainly give political satirists like Jon Stewart plenty of source material, though.

(And no, just to cut off the inevitable bitching that “MSNBC is just as bad!” there are huge differences between the two.)


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