Immigrant Policy was Not the Reason

Quick!  We need a reason to explain Eric Cantor’s loss!  It doesn’t make sense!

Hmmm, his opponent talked a lot about immigration!  That must be the reason.  We’re the press;  we have to have a reason now!  There’s no time to analyze it, what do you think we are, journalists?  Immigration reform!  That’s it!  Those people in Virginia just hate immigrants.  There, we’re done.Eric Cantor

What’s that?  Poll after poll show that the people of that district support immigration reform?  And by a huge margin?  Well, too late — we’ve already made our pronouncement.  Immigration.  That’s it.  All Republicans should now take hard-line approaches to immigration if they don’t want to lose their primaries.

Approval ratings?  What?  You think that the fact that Cantor’s disapproval rating in his district was 63% is important?  That only 30% supported him and that most people would have voted for Mickey Mouse if he were on the ballot in opposition to Cantor?   That his constituents were mad at Cantor for shutting down the government and for ignoring the needs of his district in his quest for national attention?

Nah, that can’t be it.  And it’s too complicated.  We’re the news media — we need a quick and easy explanation.

Immigration.  That’s it.  Stop!  We’re not listening la la la la la la la la…

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