“Straight Pride” deserves our attacks

I’ve seen this posted around on Facebook by those poor, straight people.  Will the discrimination against them ever end?



I’ve yet to see anyone who is in favor of gay rights post a “straight pride” icon.  So maybe there is a reason that people who post this get “attacked viciously.”

This goes along with all those other proclamations like “Why isn’t there White History Month?” — which is always said by a white person.

Personally, I would love to live in a world where we wouldn’t need Gay Pride parades or Black Pride marches or anything like that.  But as long as there are a group of people who want to make others ashamed of what they are, then there will be people saying, “No, I am not ashamed.  I am proud.  You cannot shame me.”

If we lived in a society where it was absolutely fine to discriminate against people with blue eyes, I would encourage blue-eyed people to have their own “Blue-Eyed Pride” parades.  They would need them, to establish that they will not bend to the will of those who would take away their rights for no good reason.

Is there a need whatsoever for “Straight Pride”?  No, of course not.  No one is preventing straight people from getting married.  No one is firing straight people for that reason.  And absolutely no one is trying to shame straight people for being straight.

But what I and others will do is shame straight people who act like their way of life is under attack by posting stupid “Straight Pride” banners on their Facebook pages.  These people always are against gay rights, and are posting these things because they think they are under attack because they can no longer force their way of life on everyone else.*

*This also applies to religious fundamentalists who think anyone who defends themselves against their attacks is declaring a “war on religion.”


2 thoughts on ““Straight Pride” deserves our attacks

  1. Back in Vermont in the 1980s, after several annual Gay Pride parades in Burlington and Montpelier, some reactionaries decided to hold a “Straight Pride” march in front of the capital. Some friends of mine were upset, and planning a counter-protest, when I said, “No, take them at their word. Show up as flamboyantly dressed as you want to, and hold signs saying, ‘My parents are straight and that’s okay!’. Run out into the street and hug them, and say how proud you are of them.” Smiles and nods zipped thru the room, and that’s what they did.

    Oddly, that was the _last_ Straight Pride march in Vermont.

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  2. I recently had someone on my page say he didn’t understand gay pride, so I explained it like this: “Image if you live in a society where everyday, people who didn’t look like you are on television, the radio, news media, ect and so on, imagine how disheartening day to day life must feel. Now imagine if there was one day a year where people just like you gathered to celebrate being who they are. What kind of pride would you feel when you have that kind of day?” When explained that way, it didn’t change his mind, but it helped him at least understand.

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