I’m against “gay marriage”

A couple I know announced this weekend that they’re getting married.  (Congratulations Kris and Emily!)  They’ve discussed how happy they are that they can do so now in Pennsylvania and how weird it will be to have a gay marriage in Amish country.

But I still am against “gay marriage.”  gay+marriage+generic081612

I don’t want them to get “gay married.”  I want them to get “married.”

When Heidi and I got married, we didn’t say “Hey, we’re getting straight married, everyone!”   Other friends of mine didn’t announce, “Guess what!  We’re getting inter-racially married!”

So what I’m really looking forward to is when people stop using the phrase “gay marriage.”  It’s just “marriage.”  I know it may take a while until we stop hearing that phrase, and that will be when it’s no longer news or different — and that’s what I’m looking forward to.

You’re getting married, and I couldn’t be happier for you!


2 thoughts on “I’m against “gay marriage”

  1. That’s why I like the term “marriage equality.” “Gay marriage” is no different from “straight marriage.” We shouldn’t have to specify that the couple involved is homosexual when talking about a marriage, any more than we specify that a couple is heterosexual. The term marriage equality doesn’t get into the sexual orientation of the people getting married.

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