Conservatives rally in Ferguson against oppressive government

A mass contingent of conservatives who hate the oppressive power of Big Government recently traveled to Ferguson, Missouri to show their support for citizens fighting against Big Brother.

“This is just like our battle with farmer Bundy,” said the leader of one group.  “Or Waco!  Who does the government think they are, shooting at innocent kids like that?  And then bringing in military-style police forces to silence people who are legally protesting.  What is this, Communist China?”  ferguson-missouri-9

“We warned you,” claimed another group.  “We said that sooner or later, we’d have to take up arms against the government that tramples on our rights and ignores the Constitution.  Now is the time for all good citizens to grab their guns and fight!”

Later, the group changed its mind when it discovered that the government was only oppressing and shooting unarmed black people.  “That’s different,” the patriots said, as they went off to look for another millionaire white guy to declare treason with.

2 thoughts on “Conservatives rally in Ferguson against oppressive government

  1. Based on the massive amount of people who have told me their first and second amendment views while at a party by a creek, there should be a huge group of Texans there.

    Besides a foriegn, paratrooper-style, terrorist attack, this is exactly what they have warned me about… I don’t know why they aren’t there, yet. Maybe they’re waiting for the first day of school, so their kids won’t need a baby sitter.
    Middle of next week, then. Big group of free speech loving, gun loving, god fearing, small government supporting Texans.
    St. Louis can start marinating the beef, help is on the way.


  2. This is hilarious and so absolutely conservative! They only care aboutbthe human rights of other white guys. Screw everyone else right?


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