Editorial cartoon: Don’t shoot!

One thought on “Editorial cartoon: Don’t shoot!

  1. Here’s the thing. I am 100% for the press and others to record the police during their actions. However, I’m not for them interfering with police in such a way that could put them in jeopardy. I saw one episode in Feugerson where a reporter at night lit up a group of police officers who were apparently engaged in something – thereby making them easier targets as well as ruining their night vision. Granted, a police officer saying he’d shoot him if he didn’t turn off the light was WAY WAY WAY out of line.

    I’ve seen others examples elsewhere where people with cell phones are getting right into the face of police officers while they’re performing their duties – including during apprehension when their attention should be on the suspect and not being distracted by people shoving cameras and demanding their badge number during it.


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