Brian Williams and the Double Standard

Brian Williams’s story about what happened to a helicopter  he was on changed over the years, and become more exciting each time.  He finally admitted that he had exaggerated and apologized, and has taken a leave of absence from his job as host of the NBC Nightly News.  As he should.Brian-Williams-cc-565x318

His job requires him to be believable.  It’s a requirement.  We expect our news to be true, and if we cannot believe the newscaster, it puts all of the rest of the news in question.

But what really makes me angry is the response from the right, and Fox News people especially, who are about ready to storm Rockefeller Center with pitchforks and torches.  Really?  Come on now, Fox News lies purposely constantly, and is called out for it on many legitimate and unbiased media watchdog sites.  They even lie about being “fair and balanced.”

If Brian Williams was on Fox instead of NBC, he’d still be secure in his job.

No, all lies are not the same.  “That dress doesn’t make you look fat” is not the same thing as “There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and therefore we should go to war.”

The lies told by Williams are not equivalent to Fox telling its viewers that Obamacare has killed jobs, or that Obama never called ISIS a terrorist organization, or that the vast majority of climate scientists think climate change is a hoax, or that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, or … geez, I could just go on and on.  They’re documented pretty fully in plenty of places for anyone willing to check.

If you don’t believe that Fox lies, then I guess their propaganda has worked pretty darn well, hasn’t it?  There’s one born every minute, and Fox is more than happy to take advantage of your gullibility.

And that’s what makes me angrier about this than just being misled by Williams.  It’s the blindness on the right to the meaningful, easily disproved lies that come from their preferred news source.

Most of the left is upset with Williams and want him to leave over this minor infraction (me included).  Not one person on the right has called for the removal of any of the liars on Fox.


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