Gay Bigotry is Dying, So Why Are the Bigots Still Winning?

The latest polls show that gay marriage is now supported by a majority of Americans with the exception of evangelical Christians, the backbone of the Republican party.

And that’s why only nine states have allowed gay marriage (or as they like to call it, “marriage”).gay+marriage+generic081612

Once more, the people lead the politicians, who are afraid of doing anything that may alienate the loudest voters. The solution, clearly, is for us to be louder.

Posting on blogs and Facebook is good for getting the message out, but like all political action, you have to do more. You’ll be surprised how much politicians pay attention to emails and letters they get. Encourage them to sponsor a bill, and let them know how much you’ll work for and contribute to their future campaigns.

Hell, just get out and vote. For every election, including primaries. We outnumber them. We have the power. But if they vote and we don’t, they win.

That’s what the bigots do. They participate. That’s how they defeated propositions in California and other states that would have banned this discrimination.

So spread the word, let everyone know we won’t stand for discrimination, and then do something about it.

2 thoughts on “Gay Bigotry is Dying, So Why Are the Bigots Still Winning?

  1. I was looking at voter turnout numbers for US elections recently. I was appalled to see turnout for Presidential elections consistently around 57%, mid terms at about 37%, and primaries dismal, usually lower than 10%.

    That leaves a huge swath of people not going to the polls. Churches historically do a great job of whipping up turnout amongst their parishioners, which makes it clear why there is disproportionate representation for religious issues.

    The good news I see there, is the huge percentage of folks that don’t vote, who could be potentially be motivated to swing an election if compelled by a serious issue.

    The bad news is that very few large, tight knit communities exist outside the realm of churches. Also, a generation of laziness fueled by American Idol vote by text is not easy to get down to the voting booth.


  2. Sadly, there are people who are more lazy than that. Several people including the late George Carlin admitted to simply not voting at all because they claim “we don’t make a difference anyhow” or “It’s all rigged anyhow” or some other apathetic excuse.

    Right now it feels like we’re stuck with a nation of people who have grown up having practically everything already done for them by their more responsible parents (or someone else), to the point that they as generation don’t feel any qualms or problems with having someone else make all the decisions for them.

    If you try to get them involved in something serious or difficult, they’ll get all frustrated, disinterested and pretty much start saying “Bored now!” like Alyson Hannigan’s vampire character does in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. 😦

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