The Battle of the Super Villains

The Koch Brothers have stated that they will spend billions of dollars in this next election to make sure their minion Scott Walker wins. And today, Sheldon Adelson announced he will do the same for Marco Rubio.koch_adelson_white_house

So get your popcorn, it’s going to be an interesting fight. Which Super Villain will have his minion win?

Ironically, both villains want the same thing: the establishment of a permanent oligarchy in America benefiting the super wealthy at the expense of everyone else, the destruction of all welfare programs, an increase in war (which can be very profitable), and a return an the America that never existed except on TV sitcoms in the 50s.

No matter who wins in this primary battle, both villains will team up to once again fight against any Democrat at any level of government as they have done for years … so when your clueless friend says that there is no difference between the parties, be sure to ask them why then do these Super Villains only attack one side?

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