The Left Wing’s Tea Party

Liberals who say things like “There is no difference between Obama and Bush” are the left’s version of the Tea Party — radicals who think that compromise is evil and you have to be completely pure or else you’re “one of them.”

They are just as impossible to debate as the Tea Party extremists who vilify any conservative who dares to think that maybe evolution is real or that perhaps we should do something to help

One of the reasons we are so divided as a nation is because we demand that everyone agree with us 100% or else they are the enemy. There is no room for compromise, there is no room for reasoned debate.

I’ve been arguing with some liberals lately about this, and they are treating me as if I am not on their side. When I say “I would love for Bernie Sanders to be elected but if he runs as an independent, I will vote for the Democrat” suddenly I become “one of them” — clearly, I support the terrible economic and foreign policies of those in power.

Despite everything I have always stood for, despite all I have written here in opposition to that very concept, my desire to not cast a protest vote and thus allow the Republicans to control all three branches of government is seen as a sign that I am merely supporting the status quo instead of being a reasonable attempt to prevent more harm from coming to our country.

I’m not pure enough for them.

But as I have said before, politics isn’t perfect. We don’t always get the candidate we want so we have to choose the better of the choices. The only time in my life where the Presidential candidate I supported in the primaries got the nomination was with Obama. Every other time, I ended up voting for the Democrat simply because he was better than the Republican (with the exception of 1980 where I voted for a third party. Never again.).

If that makes me “part of the problem” in your eyes, so be it. Get used to never getting what you want.

You will never get everyone in America to agree with you. Politics is the art of compromise. I’d rather compromise and get 50% of what I want than be stubborn and get 0%.*

Demanding absolute purity is what the Tea Party does. Let’s not use them as our template.

* And just to prevent the inevitable debate that happens whenever I say this, I am talking about compromising political issues, not compromising your ethics.

5 thoughts on “The Left Wing’s Tea Party

  1. I was a gay-rights activist for many years, and I think a big reason for our success was that we took what we could get rather than insisting on total acceptance from everyone all at once. For example, at one time, we knew that most of our Democratic supporters would still vote for anti-gay legislation if it ever came up for a vote (because they’d lose their seats otherwise), but we didn’t hold that against them. Later, we supported Obama even when he didn’t support gay marriage. We took what we could get, one piece at a time, and today we almost have it all.

    What helped, I think, is that we were always aware that we were a tiny minority fighting a ruthless, tax-exempt opposition. I think a lot of self-styled progressives (who are really radicals) are unaware of just how few people share their views. They don’t think they have to compromise. They need to grow up.

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  2. Not understanding that compromise is the way that a Republic functions shows such a fundamental misunderstanding of politics in a Republican political system that I can only shake my head. Compromise keeps the nation going forward. When compromise fails we have major trouble, such as when we lost the ability to compromise over slavery and ended up in The Civil War. I always thought it was incredibly symbolic that the Great Compromiser Henry Clay died in 1852 right when the skids starting coming off. Not that he could probably have done any more to save the Union than he did. It just makes me cringe when I hear those who are so proud of themselves for not compromising.


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