We’re focusing on the wrong police officer

by Guest Blogger Tom Haswell

There’s been a lot of coverage on the McKinney pool party, from both sides. I’m generally pretty critical of police, but right now, I want to shame both sides on this one.


Because they’re all focusing on the wrong officer.

Let’s look at Officer 227, first initial E. I cannot make out last name on the footage. This is who we should be talking about.

Notice around the fifty second mark. Officer 227 calmly speaks to people on the scene, explaining why they shouldn’t “take off running” when the police arrive — no abusive language, no demeaning tone … he could be talking to a family member. He politely thanks the boys that return police property to him. He not only backs up his fellow officer who drew, but tells him “you stay here, I’ll get him” regarding the person he drew on — who is returned to the scene cuffed but apparently unharmed.

“To Serve and Protect” is to control a situation in a method that diffuses it, not escalates it. He diffused the situation (as well as his fellow officer) in a manner which did not embarrass or shame either one. In fact, he do so in such a flawless manner that no one is talking about it. Which is a shame.

The left needs to hold this man up as an example of how officers should act, and the right needs to portray him as an example of how officers do act … and neither side wants to acknowledge him, because escalation sells airtime.

The term “Good Cop” gets used on a lot of people who, in my opinion, don’t deserve it. Officer 227 does. Whoever you are … thank you.

Tom Haswell is a freelance writer and rules designer in the Wargaming Industry, currently working for such titles as Ravage Magazine, CTC MAgazine, Prodos Games, Crushpop Productions and Skullduggery Press.

6 thoughts on “We’re focusing on the wrong police officer

    • Actually, it’s happening every day. Tens of thousands of interactions with the police occur every day and many are resolved peacefully without anyone tasering, shooting or even raising their voices. But how will that news grab people’s attention and help keep up the ire? “Today, the police interacted with the public 38,423 times throughout the US and two people were shot.” Reporting only the last three or four words sells the headlines and gets you the viewers.

      Now I’m not saying a single death should be simply a statistic, it’s a person, a life that is no more. But to say that the vast majority of police aren’t acting in a manner to help diffuse situations peacefully is just helping to spread the fear and anger.

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      • Agreed. I deal with police every day, and the vast majority are good people trying to help society.

        It’s a shame that the actions of a small minority can be viewed by the public as representative of the whole. Which, ironically, is exactly the way some cops treat blacks.


  1. I agree however one of the officers should have stayed with the officer that was out of control and over excited. We had that happen years ago when I was in Vermont. During an exercise in crowd control a young new officer got over excited and before he could do something really stupid, a senior officer garbed his arm, swung him around, asked him to walk to the patrol car with him. The senior officer told the younger new guy the things that were going on, what was begin done right and what was being done wrong. Then suggested the new guy take time out and run the radio and monitor the situation from the area of the patrol car. I know that this happened and it saved the career of the young new guy, because I was that young new guy. Hugs


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