Analyzing the campaign logos

Jeb Bush is now the 43,276th Republican candidate, and his logo screams excitement!  Jeb! it says. 061515_jeb_600Or maybe this is the logo for a new laundry detergent, I’m not sure. Can’t help but notice that it pointedly does not mention his last name. Can’t imagine why.

Compare this with Hillary’s logo. She’s so well known, she doesn’t even have to spell her entire name. Or maybe this is a sign pointing to the closest hospital.hillary logo.jpg.CROP.thumbnail-small

Wait a minute. Hillary’s also ignores her last name. Is that a good thing? I will say, even though I like this logo much better than Jeb’s (hope he didn’t pay money for that thing), it does bother me that the logo for a Democratic candidate features a big red arrow pointing right.

Still, compared to the other candidates, Hillary’s is a model of good design. Like Obama’s, it doesn’t have to say the candidate’s name for you to know who it is. Have a look at some of the other campaign logos we’re being subjected to:

RandPaulWhen I look at Rand Paul’s, I can’t help thinking of a quote from The Dark Knight:  “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Looks like an investment firm to me, not a political candidate. Black letters? Black letters are used for eeeeeeeevil.

TedCruz2016Cruz’s logo is no better — It looks like he’s burning an American flag. Guess we shouldn’t expect more from a Canadian. At least it doesn’t have a maple syrup stain on it.

Rubio’s is just so cute, what with the little America over the “i” replacing the heart he was originally going to put there. Marco_Rubio_2016_Campaign_logo Rubio, of course, like the rest of the GOP, wants to send America back to the 50s so that’s why you don’t see Alaska and Hawaii there.

Lincoln Chafee’s logo looks like it was designed back when we had the last President with “Lincoln” in his name. LDC_logo_oval_color_tagline1“Fresh ideas for America” does not include graphic design ideas.

Ben Carson’s is quite funny. carson-logoHe has that “A” bumped into his name in such a way that it looks like it’s just a little ribbon design or something, meaning his logo literally says “Merica” which should be pronounced as if you have a mouth full of chewin’ tobacco while saying it.

bernieBernie Sanders’ is pretty simple, but you know, I guess that kind of fits his personality — what you see is what you get. Nothing great with this logo, but nothing embarrassing either.

Forgive me for not covering the other thousands of candidates’ logos, but they’re all pretty boring. No one should be picking a candidate based on their logo anway.

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