Which Republican candidate would be the best?

And by “best” I don’t mean “best President” or “best to allow Democrats to win”. clown car I mean seriously, which of this huge list of losers candidates do you think would have the best chance to actually win the election?

“None of the above” is not an accepted answer!

By the way, every one of these people on the list below has declared themselves as a candidate, and they’re not the only ones. There’s like a dozen more, mostly businessmen and Christian religious leaders.

I chose Scott Walker. While I can’t stand his politics, he doesn’t seem as crazy as the others, and he also is not a Bush. Of course, it is way too early to make any sort of prediction, but it’s still fun to speculate.

3 thoughts on “Which Republican candidate would be the best?

  1. Best to allow Democrats to win? I have to go Trump. Just as When Washington allowed me to vote for whomever during a primary, I would want the craziest, most out there candidate to win so the Reps would lose most spectacularly


  2. Best Republican? Hilary Clinton. Best candidate running as Republican, Donald Trump. He might be racist, ignorant and one of the dumbest people running, but he would not tow the corporate line.

    Scott Walker will do what ever the corporations want. He would make George W. Bush look like a flaming liberal. Have you seen the police state that he turned Wisconsin into?


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