Er, um, uh

I’ve done my best to try to have a post a day (two if you count the editorial cartoons) but this week has just been bad. It’s been days since I posted anything. Is it summer that causes this? Is it my birthday celebrations that make me depressed about being old? Is it the move to my new office that has exhausted me? Is it the fact that every time I want to write something, there’s just nothing new to say about the clowns running for the GOP nomination who are debating tonight?

Tell me you wouldn't rather be sitting by this creek reading a book right now.

Tell me you wouldn’t rather be sitting by this creek reading a book right now.

A little bit of “all of the above.”

I dunno, I just can’t seem to find the energy to get excited about anything right now. Mostly when I get home from work, I just want to sit by the creek and read something light. (At this moment it’s Christopher Moore’s “Practical Demonkeeping.”)

But yet, people are asking me to blog about the debates, or tweet my comments.  I appreciate it. I really do. It’s nice to see that there are people out there who enjoy this blog and look forward to it. It means an awful lot to me. Thanks.

But not right now. Maybe in a day or so. I just don’t have anything interesting to say right now.

So instead, here’s one of my favorite bad jokes.

I was conducting the orchestra, unaware that the upright bassists had been drinking. We were performing Beethoven’s Ninth, and about halfway through, they were so drunk that they kept knocking the music off the stands and we had to attach it back with string. Then, suddenly, two of the bassists fainted dead away.

So there I was, in the bottom of the Ninth, with the score tied, the bassists loaded, and two out.

Thank you, thank you. Be sure to tip your waitress.*


*an inside joke for those who have read my first novel “Arch Enemies.”




2 thoughts on “Er, um, uh

  1. I heard that the one of the basses broke a string, and the replacement string that was used was actually a hair from someone’s toupee. Are you sure the orchestra wasn’t playing Boxed Hair on a G String?

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