Judge Enforces Sharia Law in America

An activist radical Muslim judge here in America has just used his religious views to force a defendant into an arranged marriage as well as demand that the defendant write out verses from the Quran as punishment.

“Get married within 30 days or do 15 days in jail” was the Judge’s Order.sharialaw1

The bride who was forced into this arrangement was quite unhappy with this as well, complaining that while she might have been willing to marry the man, they would never be able to have a nice wedding like she had hoped. The Judge didn’t care.

The Judge used his Muslim religion to force the man to read the Quran as well.

This is Sharia Law at its worst; it’s exactly what we were told would happen when we allow the government to force religion on us, and all good Christians — nay, all good Americans should be outraged.

No. Wait.

I’m sorry. I got a fact wrong.

The Judge was a Christian and he made the man copy verses from the Bible instead.

Well, surely all Christians should be just as outraged by this, right? If it’s wrong for the government to endorse one religion, it’s wrong for another as well, isn’t it?

(Insert sounds of crickets chirping and visual of tumbleweed rolling across an empty plain)

2 thoughts on “Judge Enforces Sharia Law in America

  1. Oh, well no wonder he said the North Texas area has a ton of corruption and family court judges are in more danger than regular judges. If he is a sitting judge he can’t be wrong about those points!

    Maybe he thought the idiot wouldn’t marry him and she called his bluff. A fun office pool for locals will be which comes first: divorce or another fight with a man disrespecting the wife?


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