Atheists are “intolerant”?

Often, religious folks complain that atheists are “intolerant” towards their religion.

Strangely enough, these atheists seem to be only “intolerant” toward Christians. Why is that?god

Well, Jews aren’t trying to pass laws banning bacon.

Muslims aren’t trying to pass laws forcing women to wear veils.

Amish aren’t trying to pass laws to make us give up electricity.

Wiccans aren’t trying to make us say “One Nation, under the Goddess.”

But some Christians want to ban all abortions, make gay marriage illegal, restrict contraception, edit history books, enforce prayer in schools, and all because of their religious beliefs.

So when atheists say “No” to them, that’s not intolerance. That’s fighting against tyranny. That’s standing up for what America was founded on — freedom to believe or not believe. To have a secular country.

All the atheist “fights” are defensive. Atheists are not doing a thing to prevent religious people from practicing their religion however they want to. They’re just trying to stop them from making us all do it.

EDITED for clarification:  I mean legal and political fights, not arguments and debates.  

One thought on “Atheists are “intolerant”?

  1. Amish isn’t a religion, Mike. It’s a way of life. You bet they are Christian, though! You are correct in that they are not trying to force anyone to live Plain.

    I am with atheists (and people of any faith) when it comes to fighting tyranny. This is not a Christian country, and it was not meant the be. (I do not think the Founding Father’s would have established Freedom of Religion, if it was.). The USA is a democracy, not a theobeliefs nor should it become so. No one should have to live under the rules of a religion not their own, or any religion.

    Where I part ways is when it comes to the snide mockery. I don’t think that is helpful. I don’t think it’s going to make anyone more tolerant. It’s more likely to make tolerant Christians reactionary. I don’t go around making snide comments about atheists. (I married one, which would not have happened if I mocked atheism.) Yet some atheists do come across as intolerant and closed-minded. For example, referring to G-d as “the invisible man in the sky” or calling my deep-held beliefs a “fairy tale.”

    I believe atheists believe just as deeply in the non-existance of G-d as I do in His existence. There is nothing wrong or bad about being an atheist. For me to be nasty to atheists about their beliefs would be wrong. In fact, it would be intolerant.

    Same goes for atheists, though. Being nasty to because believe in G-d is wrong. In fact, it’s intolerant.


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