Buncha Old People for President!

Some Republicans are arguing that Hillary Clinton, who will be 69 in 2016, is “too old” to be President.Republican_party_headquarters

They then retreated to their evil lair, where John McCain (72 when he ran for President) and Bob Dole (73 when he ran for President) led the prayers to their God Ronald Reagan (69 when he ran for President, 73 when he ran for re-election).

Seriously, though, is this an issue?  In some parts of the world, being older means being more experienced and wiser. Not sure that’s a bad thing.

So I decided to look up the ages of all of the major candidates.  Here they are, from oldest to youngest, with the age they would be on inauguration day:

Bernie Sanders (D): 75

Joe Biden (D):  74 (not yet announced)

Jim Webb (D) and Donald Trump (R): 70

Hillary Clinton (D): 69

Rick Perry (R): 66

Ben Carson (R): 65

John Kasich (R): 64

Jeb Bush (R) and Lincoln Chafee (D): 63

Christine Fiorino (R): 62

Lindsay Graham (R) and Mike Huckabee (R): 61 

Rick Santorum (R): 58

And then there’s all these young whippersnappers!  (I say that because, like Obama, they’re all younger than me):

Chris Christie (R), Martin O’Malley (D) and Rand Paul (R): 54

Scott Walker (R): 49

Ted Cruz (R): 46

Bobby Jindal (R) and Mark Rubio (R): 45

One thought on “Buncha Old People for President!

  1. Does it matter? Actually, I think it does a little. Its not going to stop me from voting for Bernie, for example, but do I wish he was younger? Absolutely. Its an incredible stressful job, and you cant ignore age. that being said, todays 75 is not the 75 of 20 years ago.

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