Happy War on Christmas, Everybody!

It seems the holiday war starts a little earlier every year, doesn’t it? That festive time of the season where we all do everything we can to destroy Christianity by saying “Happy holidays” or by holding red cups.


Nice coffee cups. I wonder who would like these. Could it be …. SATAN?

Yes, red cups. Starbucks always did cups before full of snowmen and ornaments and happy winter scenes, because nothing says “Birth of Jesus” like a cartoon reindeer. But this year, they’re going minimal. Just red.

And, of course, a bunch of Christians who have never read the Bible and don’t understand the concept of “turn the other cheek” are outraged. How dare Starbucks do this!*

The so-called “War on Christmas” really breaks down to the same old “War on Christians” nonsense, wherein a bunch of whiners are upset that they don’t get to force their religion on everyone else.

Every example Fox News gives for a “War on Christmas” always boils down to something like “They won’t let us force kids to sing our religious songs!” or “They say ‘Happy Holidays’ which acknowledges that not everyone is a Christian and therefore they are attacking us!” or “They are refusing to allow us to use taxpayer dollars for a religious display.”  (And yes, I used Fox News specifically because absolutely no one spoke of a “War on Christmas” until Fox invented it and saw their ratings boost.)

I submit to you that every so-called attack on Christmas is, in reality, fought in defense and wouldn’t even exist if these particular Christians weren’t trying to require everyone to obey their beliefs.

Instead, there are some Christians who apparently are so insecure in their beliefs that if you say something like, “I respect your beliefs even though I do not share them and sincerely hope you have a happy holidays,” they are convinced that you are out to destroy everything they believe in.

So, for the third year in a row, I challenge anyone to find me one example of anyone trying to prevent people from celebrating Christmas. Just one. 

I have a feeling I know what the result will once again be.

*The more cynical side of me wonders if this was all a big promotional plan from Starbucks in the first place.

One thought on “Happy War on Christmas, Everybody!

  1. In spite of Fox News doing their annual “War on Christmas” reporting, this is nothing but a red coffee cup. The Christians need to get a grip.


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